Don’t Play That Game, It’s Crap!

I am incredibly sick of hearing this. What does it matter? Honestly. For instance apparently the “general consensus” on Duke Nukem Forever was that it sucked. Well I liked playing it and I still like playing it. However if I went with the general consensus I’d have never even got it. Same with the Saw game. Trust me I heard a lot of bad reviews for that one. I still wanted to play it and I did. Not only that but I’ve beaten it a few times. Can I admit that the game has problems? Of course. Does it mean I don’t enjoy it? No.

The same thing happened with Evil Within. “This game is shit don’t play it”. Well guess what, Evil Within is one of my favorite games now. Once again, I do not deny it has a ton of problems (Mostly with camera POV) but at this point I’ve beaten it three times and I’m going for a fourth.

What people seem to not realize that games you like or play are based heavily on opinion. Also what things person A is looking for as opposed to what person B is looking for. I have heard a shit ton of people complain about Fallout 4 because “blah blah blah reasons”. I can agree that some of the reasons are slightly valid (some) but the game entertains me. I have fun playing it. Same with all the other “crap” games I just mentioned. Isn’t that all that matters?

The only time I will consider a game complete shit is if glitches render it unplayable. There are games I’ll say I think are boring or dumb, but I recognize it’s because I don’t like those types of games. Not because I think the game isn’t entertaining to other people or is actually crap. For instance, not for the life of me do I understand why anyone likes Pokemon. At the same time I’m not an idiot. I logically can see that Pokemon is insanely popular which means that there has to be a reason. The reason probably being that it appeals to different types of people than who I am. If I had to sit and play a Pokemon game and then review it, I’d be bored out of my mind. I’ve only ever played in passing before. I think those games are pointless. However I would not call them crap. With how much people like Pokemon clearly this comes down to opinion.

What bothers me is, apparently there are people who see reviews, and decide that way. I recently saw at least a 15 minute rant on all the nitpicky reasons that Fallout 4 was awful and no one should play it. That’s all fine and good for that person, but a lot of the things that person mentioned, I don’t give a shit about. So I imagine some situation where there’s a popular youtuber who makes a game video like “X NEW GAME SUCKS” and a bunch of people just DON’T play it. How can anyone live their life that way? I mean I shudder to think how much stuff I currently like that I’d have missed out on if I only went on reviews.

When I play a game, what I look for is entertainment. Distraction. It doesn’t have to be the best plot, or the best graphics, just something that keeps me occupied. I understand not everyone is like me, which is fine. I get that too. However, to flat out tell me that a new game I want to play or just bought is CRAP and imply that I’m an idiot for buying it? That’s uncalled for. I own, like, and play a shit ton of games people consider to be crap. I hate a shit ton of games people consider to be really good. Can we just not recognize this is an opinion thing? Preferences and such? If you hate a game I like, great you do that, but don’t call it crap or act like I’m a moron for enjoying it.


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