No Sexism In Gaming

There is no sexism in gaming. At all. I’m in my 30’s and I’ve been playing video games my entire life. Since I can first remember. This is yet another hobby that people claim sexism is rampant in that I have yet to see.

When I was around the age of 5, my uncle gave us his old NES. By that point NES was super outdated but we didn’t care. My father wasn’t big on video games so he never bought us a console. We had to rely on hand me downs. Didn’t matter. People still had NES systems even if Super Nintendo was far more popular. I would play it for hours at a time. My favorite games were the Mario Games. Super Mario Brothers two and three.

We had that for many, many years. In fact we had it up until the point that the PS2 came out. My aunt gave us her old PS1 because my father, once again, refused to buy us any sort of gaming console. Me and my sister would play it for hours at a time. She wasn’t too great at FPS games but she loved to watch me play. My first experience with a survival horror FPS game was Resident Evil 2. Then of course I had to get Resident Evil 1. One of our favorite games to play together (me and her would take turns) was Final Fantasy 8. She was really big into Final Fantasy 7 but I never got into that one. I only played the FF series through the 9th then didn’t like it much any more.

Some of my favorite games on the original Playstation were Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Deathtrap Dungeon (which apparently no one has ever heard of) and some of the GTA games. We had many more than that like Crash Bandicoot and a game called Gex which was pretty fun as well. Not to mention Tomb Raider which I loved.

Through my life, all my friends had the latest consoles. The better gaming systems. This included the guy friends I had. I always tended to have more guy friends than girl friends because my interests were more similar to what the guys were into. None of them ever questioned my gender before we were going to play a game. One of my guy friends in seventh grade was super pumped to show me the first GTA on his computer. It was pretty awful graphics but it was like nothing we’d ever seen before and so much fun. I remember him being excited telling me how much I was going to LOVE it. Never did my gender come into question, just the fact that he knew I liked those types of games. We also used to play Goldeneye together on multiplayer. If I lost (which on occasion I did) there was no taunting “because I was a girl” it was just that I lost. No big deal. When I did lose, all it did was inspire me to get better.

When I was around the age of 14 we got our first computer. It was the “house” computer so I had to share it with my sisters. I continued gaming there. Games like Doom, Duke Nukem, and Wolfenstein. We also played things like The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon, and one of the best games ever to exist, Myst. At that age I had another friend who would play with me (male as well). We were both super addicted to Myst and would play it every day in the computer lab after lunch when we had a free period.

My best friend at the time had an apple computer from when I was very young. She loved video games too. There were so many for macs back in the day before they became less of gaming computers. We’d play Prince Of Persia, Escape From Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, and some weird game called Pantsylvania. She was the one who originally got me into Myst as well.

Through my time in playing video games, with many different genders on many different platforms, I have never once experience any sort of discrimination because I was a female. If anything, I experienced the exact opposite. Such as while playing GTA, male players would give me things because I was female. No one really cares (in gaming) what your gender is. They care how good you are at playing the actual game. The problem with all of this is that feminists who complain the most about sexism in gaming, don’t understand the difference between that and trash talking. Trash talking is something everyone does to everyone else while playing a game to try to throw them off.

I cannot deny that there may be some assholes out there that assume women can’t game. Even I (to a certain point) can be skeptical about females playing certain games. Especially since there is now this HUGE movement of poser gamer girls who pretend to be into games for attention. Or girls who pose half naked playing games they have no idea how to play to get money on their patreon accounts. If anything, the fake gamers (Feminists or the gamer porn sluts) are what’s harming the reputation of female gamers. It’s not other men. In fact, men love it when females play games. I mean actually play, not just pretend to play and then whine about how unfair games are.

Since there has been absolutely no connection drawn between sexism and gaming, at this point, I’m going to have to call this all complete bullshit. The girls claiming that there is sexism in the gaming universe just don’t game. Either that or they are terrible at it and don’t understand what trash talking is. If you are good at a game, no one is even going to care what your gender is. If you are THAT concerned with being “outed” as a female on multiplayer, turn off your mic and make a male avatar. There are many ways to avoid all this “sexism” anyway. If you actually like what you are doing, then trash talking, teasing, and even ACTUAL sexism will not stop you from doing what you like. That being said, if there is any sort of sexism to be found in the gaming world I haven’t found it. Nor have any of my other female friends who game. I think it’s time to end this myth and move on. Either that or let the adults play their games while the children cry and squabble over invented oppression.



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