Evil Within Review

I am well aware that this game gets a lot of hate. I am well aware the game itself has a lot of problems. I do not deny that there are really shitty controls and bad P.O.V camera moments. I don’t care. Let me rephrase, I learned not to care. The game is actually very playable once you adapt to the shitty controls and the camera angles. I love this game. I remember when I first got it.

A friend of mine was raving about it since the first day it came out. She had been watching people play it on YouTube and told me it was a game I would probably love. She wasn’t wrong. After she sent me a trailer for the game I was instantly in love and ran out to see if I could find it used. I am poor so there was no way I could afford it brand new. Luckily, even though it had only been released about a week before that, I found a cheaper copy. I brought it home and started playing it. I didn’t stop playing it until I reached the end. This, in total was 7 hours a day for 3 days. When I finally got to the end I realized that I didn’t have near enough ammo in order to beat the last level so I decided to start over.

This time I played it far more rationally. Only for a few hours a day and limited my time so I wasn’t playing it while I was sleep deprived and stupid. This game really was like nothing I had ever sen before (Until Outlast was recommended to me about a year later). Both games are amazing (I’ll do a review on Outlast soon enough). In any case my first impressions of Evil Within? I was blown away. The opening scene is great. I love the characters of Sebastian and Joseph. Wasn’t too fond of Kidman she annoyed me from the start and good thing too because of what she does at the end. Spoiler alert: She ruins everything like the little bitch that she is. Okay that wasn’t too much of a spoiler (but there will be actual spoilers so be prepared).

The game starts off with you as a detective going to see some murders at a mental institution. You are Detective Sebastian Castellanos and your boyfriend (Sorry) partner is this rookie dude named Joseph Oda. Then there is Kidman but fuck her I don’t want to talk about her. When you check the security monitors you get your first glance at Ruvik. He’s the guy running the whole show. Next thing you know you are transported into his nightmare or his world or…well they never exactly explain it but you definitely aren’t in your own reality.


So as Sebastian (or Seb) you are basically running around trying to find out where you are. Also what happened to Ruvik and why things in this place are epically fucked up. As you go through the game you get cut scenes and notes and things like that to explain to you why you are there and why this world exists. For whatever reason, I very much identified with Seb and enjoyed his character. Honestly, his reactions were spot on. There were a few times where he said “What the fuck” right as I was saying “What the fuck” which totally made him endearing to me.


The first few levels the camera POV really works to give the player a sense of dread and suspense. Then it just gets annoying. There are parts where you can’t see correctly to shoot someone, or you have trouble picking things up, yeah it’s a bitch. However, if you play enough via trial and error, your brain adapts and you learn how to shoot and position yourself to be in the right place at the right time. I was very annoyed on my first play through. Did I say first? Yeah, because at this point I’ve beaten it three different times. Even if I know everything that is going to happen it’s still fun. Mostly because there are different things hidden through the game that you collect. I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for playing games over and over to collect entire sets of things. Still have yet to complete the big fucking map in the game but I will one of these days, dammit!

One of the best things in this game (For me) was an enemy or boss (whatever you want to label her as) known by the name Laura or “Reborn Laura”. Laura (Spoiler alert) was Ruvik’s sister. Then (Massive spoiler alert) they were both caught in a barn fire and she burned to death helping him escape. He was really badly burned too and because of the trauma of losing his sister he created this whole fucked up world. As it turns out the towns people were the ones who set fire to the barn. They were upset with the immense wealth of the family and how it was ruining the town or something (sorry it’s been a while). Reborn Laura fucked me up. Especially the first appearance of her.

Reborn Laura
Reborn Laura

Basically you are just walking down the hall and then suddenly she appears out of a pool of blood. The only actual thing to do is run the fuck away from her. No one told me this. So of course the first time I run into her she grabs me and stomps me to death with her 4 arms/legs/whatever the hell. The only way to scare her off or kill her is with fire. Lots of fire. The creep factor of Reborn Laura is off the charts. She’s like a spider version of Samara from The Ring who never stops screaming, is gigantic, and can smash you with her hands that are also razor claws. Love it.

Then of course you have The Keeper. Most people who have seen any sort of promotion for this game have seen him. He’s the guy with the safe on his head. Beating this guy was hell on earth. If someone would have just told me to use the damn sniper rifle the first time I would have been a lot happier. As frustrating as it was to beat this guy (the first time) I was very amused at the moment he ripped off his own head and then fell over. Turns out that was just a trick. Then, of course, you have to destroy two of these fuckers in the last level because ha ha fuck you.

The Keeper

As frustrating as the game was and can be, I urge people to attempt to over come that and play it. Despite all the hate and criticism it gets there is quite a huge fandom for it. People like me who have played multiple times and still keep playing. If this is the case, then the problems can be over come and you don’t need to keep bitching and moaning about how impossible the game is. If you haven’t attempted it yet (or you did and have just given up) here are a few tips to help you get around the high level of annoyance this game can create:

  1. Upgrade the shit out of your sniper rifle.
  2. Look around in all possible places for brain gel.
  3. Upgrade your run first, your health next, and make sure you can carry 3-4 syringes.
  4. Upgrading the power of your weapons is better than upgrading how much ammo they can hold as ammo is scarce. The more powerful your shotgun or your hand gun, the less you actually have to use ammo.
  5. Use the auto-aim feature to shoot things as much as you possible can
  6. Don’t be an idiot. Seriously, look up online where all the keys are. Don’t consider it cheating either. They will HELP YOU and you NEED THE KEYS!
  7. Run A LOT. I mean A LOT. From basically EVERY boss. This is why upgrading the run is one of the most important things. The thing that kept me alive the best fighting the Amalgam, the Keeper, Laura, whatever was being able to run for long period of time.
  8. Don’t exhaust your run. Run until you are about to hit the red, release the run button, keep moving. If you exhaust yourself, Seb will pause like a little bitch to catch his breath and you can’t do anything until he does.
  9. Always keep a syringe on shortcut mode. ALWAYS.
  10. Conserve your fucking ammo. This is SUPER important. Trust me.
The Amalgam

Obviously these are just my own tips and my own advice. Some of you may find upgrading your ammo carrying capacity works better than upgrading the power of your weapons. Great, then do that. These are the things I found worked best for me. With these tips in mind I have been able to beat the game a few times and have even found it enjoyable. As for the camera angles just, adapt to them. Spend time in a safe area with no enemies, experimenting on what does what. Trust me, it’ll benefit you in the end. Also, don’t play like I do kicking down doors. At least not the first time when you have no idea what’s behind them.

If you like survival horror, and you like killing zombies, this is a game I urge you to give a chance, or a second chance, or a third. It’ll be worth it. I know it was for me, despite how frustrated I was on my first play through. Oh, and final tip. When fighting the invisible enemies, run ahead of them, turn, and wait to see what objects move. Aim at those objects and fire your gun. Don’t waste ammo on them if you don’t have to. A lot of times you can just out run them and get to an area they can’t get to. If all else fails, let them grab you, shove them off, and shoot where they stumble back.

Good luck.



  1. This game has been sitting on my shelf for a while now so I shall be marauding my way through it, in time. Or I’ll be the one being marauded. There will be marauding of some kind!

    ‘Look around in all possible places for brain gel.’ – This is a sentence that isn’t uttered enough, not just in the game but for life in general, haha!


    • AHAHHAHA Very true but you need all the damn brain gel you can find. Smash every box, burn every enemy, risk being bashed by the Keeper to collect the brain gel. At the time you’ll probably be annoyed but once you make all the upgrades (Which can be done a lot faster with the gel) you’ll realize it was worth it.

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