Sinister (Movie Review)

This is seemingly a good movie if you watch it when you are bedridden due to an illness. Then when you actually use logic it starts to make less and less sense. Until you realize that absolutely NONE of it made sense and you wonder why you even thought you liked it to begin with.  (Spoilers as usual because this is mostly a rant about plot holes)
This author, Ellison something or other, he’s looking to write a book that will rival a previous book that he wrote that brought him fame and fortune in years passed. He writes true crime stuff and makes the bone head move of buying and living in a house where some murders happened.

He’s in the attic one day to move some boxes up there and he finds a box of 8mm films. He decides to watch them. Now they give this feeling that Ellison is mega broke and he NEEDS this ONE HIT BOOK to get him back on his feet. So even after he watches these films and they are all of people being murdered, he wants to keep it a secret from everyone so he can write the best book ever.

He enlists a deputy to help him, one that the writers were too lazy to even give a real name too. The deputy appears really dim witted and small town but then you learn he has a degree in criminology. Ellison eventually lets him into his office and he sees stills of all these murders never once asking Ellison where he got this footage or anything like that, which you think even the dumbest deputy would think to ask.

Ellison finds out that it’s a demon making these films or something or whatever. The demon Baghuul (Sp?) and that Baghuul eats the souls of children to survive and be powerful. Then he freaks out and moves back to his house only to find that’s exactly what the demon wanted, because only then can the demon have enough power to murder his family.

There are just so many questions about this. For one, his son keeps having night terrors which he doesn’t seem overly concerned about even though the mother keeps saying that he’s too old to be having them. When the son draws a picture of one of the murder scenes on a dry erase board at school he chalks it up to some kids telling him what happened at the house and him acting out.

When the much younger girl paints a picture of the missing girl on the wall he uses the same excuse, that other kids must have told her about the house (though I highly doubt kids in her age group would be talking about that stuff, or even know about it)

Then he decides that, even after he’s seen all this footage and has connected the fact that it seems to be serial murders, he’s not going to give any of the footage to the police, or even show it to anyone. He just decides the best idea is to burn it and in the middle of the night move his family back to their first house and vow not to write the book. So at that point one wonders why, if he wasn’t going to need the footage to write this amazing book, did he not just hand it over to the cops or tell anyone?

Then the professor he talks to says there are like NO images of Baghuul, who I guess existed since Babylonian times but he manages to find like three. He says the images were all destroyed cause Christians believed that if people looked at them, the demon could get through it was like a portal. Though clearly this professor and other people have seen those images and nothing has happened, leaving us to believe that the weird symbol that Ellison sees in the videos is the actual portal.

As it turns out him moving is what gave the demon the power to kill the family, and what do you know? It’s the little girl that kills him. Then the demon takes her into his world. Yet they talk about how this demon’s been around for thousands of years and needs kids to help him he really only has like an army of 5 different kids. You think he’d have more if he was alive this long and needed that to sustain him.

Over all this movie made very little sense, even with the kind of okay effects and the good build up of suspense, when you think about it, it really boils down to a mess of creepy images and no actual story. I give it a 2 out of 5 stars. 1 out of 5 if you are watching it when you aren’t bored and sick in bed and have nothing better to do.


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