Panic Button (Movie Review)

There are four people of questionable morals who win a trip off of some social media site that is clearly a Facebook ripoff. Which really makes no sense cause since when did Facebook ever do anything like that but whatever this takes place in England. Anyway, they all get on this private jet and are told they are going to New York. Except then this dude on the computer (just using a cartoon alligator to talk to all of them) talks about a contest. After that point, it basically turns into Saw but on a private jet with four people and a pilot. Yeah, that’s about it.  (OF course, there are spoilers ahead so read at your own risk)

None of the characters were truly likable and pretty much within the first five minutes of the movie they throw away the idea that the “Loved ones” of the “Contestants” are even still alive because they show the one girl’s mother (Jo) getting shot. Which made it super obvious that all the others were going to be dead and it was all pre-recorded film taking away any suspense there might have been anyway.

There’s a “LOL” Moment when the contestants have to read “Terms and conditions” to play the game and all skip it. As if terms and conditions that you agree to allow you to be tortured, murdered, and involved in an act of terrorism against a Facebook-like company. Maybe they do in England? I dunno but it wouldn’t work here. Then people start saying they aren’t going to play the game cause it’s embarrassing and shit so the alligator man starts showing them footage of people dying. Turns out one of the contestants isn’t who he thought it was but they never tell you who this guy really is because the main girl Jo, kills him in order to save her daughter. The literal one person this crazy alligator douche doesn’t kill.

The most frustrating thing was they found the bodies all in the back. The mom, the friends, the “Brother” of the fake Max guy. The pilot finally comes out after 800 “2001 space odyssey jokes” (I can’t do that Dave…” and the speaker looked like HAL. Ha ha very funny, references. As annoying as that was, Jo didn’t even TRY to explain as hard as she could to the pilot that she found all the dead bodies in the back of the plain and the footage was all pre-recorded so it didn’t matter if the pilot did as he was told or not people were already dead so they should just save themselves.

Turns out, alligator douche man was nutty cause his daughter killed herself on social media (apparently in a live stream) that like 200 million people saw (that’s an exaggeration but you get my point). The father believed the solution was to choose 4 random people in the stream (Jo, Max, Gwen, and some other guy I don’t remember his name I wanna say Greg?) to get on a plane to crash into facebook headquarters. Also for some reason, their friends and family deserved to die because fuck logic.

In the end, Jo tells the guy that his daughter probably killed herself because he’s a shit father. Which he really was I mean all this cause his daughter killed herself on a livestream? Which wasn’t even their fault? They just watched, and yeah they were assholes but so what? Oh and then Jo manages to rip open one of the doors on the plane crashing it before it can hit the fake Facebook headquarters. I guess this guy’s plan was to make a viral video incriminating himself as some psychopathic murderer to post online, which he did post online, and some how no one caught him. He also managed to kill like 8 other people (families of the “contestants”) and kidnap Jo’s daughter to replace his own daughter in 90 minutes of “Don’t fucking waste your time on this one”.


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