My Picks: Top 10 “So Bad it’s Good” Horror Movies

This is a great list. There are plenty of horror movies that are so god-awful that somehow they loop around and become entertaining again and I would heavily recommend to people. There are various reasons they are bad (which are all opinion based obviously). I pretty much chose the “so bad it’s good” universal list of movies anyway but if there’s one on here you think is actually “Good” then I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Killer Klowns from Outerspace – You really don’t get more “bad” than this one but somehow it has a ton of entertainment value. Maybe it’s because the “Klowns” are so goddamn freaky looking. I really can’t tell you. The acting isn’t all that great and the brothers that wrote it also star in the movie. It’s an 80’s horror film so you have t expect a lot of cheesy effects. Yet, in some way, this has got to be one of the best but worst things I’ve ever seen. A town is invaded by clown looking creatures from Outerspace that land in a big top tent looking UFO. They shoot cotton candy rayguns at people to wrap them up in cotton candy balls and take them to their ship. Where they’re drunk like milkshakes because apparently the cotton candy cocoon just dissolves them? I dunno but really it’s epic and you should give it a shot.
  2. Jack Frost – Holy shit who came up with this one and how did it get funded? I’m glad it did because it’s actually a stupid as it is amazing. The plot revolves around a serial killer who is killed and then is able to inhabit the body of a snowman. A snowman who seemingly can’t be killed. I say that because, yes, he can be killed but I am not going to say how as it’s too funny and you’ll just have to watch for yourself. Cheesy acting and a weird premise set this one over the top for entertainment value. Not to mention the Shannon Elizabeth shower scene where she gets fucked by the Snowman which was like, something no one ever should have been able to come up with but they did. Check it out, oh yeah and there’s a sequel. That one is even worse. Or better. Whatever they both should be on this list but didn’t want to waste two slots.
  3. The Dentist – This one isn’t “funny” so bad it’s good. This one is just disturbing but somehow really good. The acting isn’t anything to be admired in it either. The premise is, well, okay who likes the dentist? Except this guy is nutso and like rapes his patients and shit or something. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it. The point is he’s like obsessed with perfect teeth, super OCD, and openly insane. Which makes me question why he had a business in the first place because anyone who walked in to see him would easily be able to tell he was fucking nuts. There’s a sequel to this one, and it’s not so bad it’s good it’s just really really bad. The first one is worth seeing, though, but don’t expect to be laughing as much as you’ll most likely be cringing. Especially if you are like me and really hate the dentist.
  4. Pet Sematary – I don’t know how to describe this one. It’s a decent try at a horror movie and the little kid (Gage) is creepy as fuck. Yet it’s so over the top and campy (80’s horror) that you really just have to also laugh at it. As usual, the book was far better than what the movie came up with but I still like it. Maybe it’s for nostalgia value. I recognize it’s not nearly one of the best horror movies (and as far as Stephen King movies go it down right sucks but his books have never translated well to film). There are many humorous aspects to it, especially the neighbor, Judd who was parodied several times in South Park. You really just have to see it and trust me on it. I still love watching this one, and have seen it enough times to have lines memorized but it’s too overall cheesy to be good, even if I wouldn’t ever change a thing about it.
  5. Zombeavers – To be honest, I thought this movie would be WAY more unwatchable than it was. I can’t even think of what’s good about it. The premise is fucking awful, it’s just as bad as you think it sounds and yet, totally watchable. Would I overly recommend it? No. I get the feeling a lot of people would just skip it due to the title and the awful trailer but as far as ideas go this is original. It’s interesting. None of it makes any sense but…it’s entertaining as well. Even with the shitty acting. If you want to watch a crap zombie movie that doesn’t look like it even tries to take itself even a tiny bit seriously I would recommend this one. I probably will never watch it again but I’m not disappointed that I gave it a shot in the first place.
  6. Child’s Play – I’m guessing some people might get mad at me for this one but come on now. I love this movie I really do but it is NOT good. Then the franchise devolves into even worse “so bad it’s good” films until the films just become entirely bad. As creepy as the premise and idea is, the execution is lacking. It definitely would make my “classic horror” list as well (because I would recommend it to people) but I also recognize that it’s very cheesy. The child actor, the doll they use, the many various ways they set things up just so a doll can kill people. Yeah, it’s not GOOD. I suppose the reason that people remember it as good is because it’s still a lot better than 90% of the crap we have today (and original). Which means that it’s good and bad at the same time. To be honest the second one is a lot better and far less cheesy and I’d actually put it on a good list. Skip everything after that point, though.
  7. Beware: Children At Play – Has anyone even heard of this one? Cause if you have I’d be surprised. I’ve only ever met one person in real life who knew exactly what this movie was when I said the title. It has Sylvester Stallone’s brother in it. That’s how much of a B-Movie nightmare it is. If that wasn’t bad enough the ending is basically a bunch of adults slaughtering children with the most comedically bad special effects on the planet. It’s something you will laugh your ass off even though you will fully be aware you should not be laughing at adults slaughtering the shit out of children. Like a huge Children Of The Corn ripoff as well. I’m not sure if this movie came before or after that one but Jesus Christ this is just hilariously awful.
  8. Dinocroc – Everyone is all about Sharknado but before that existed, this one existed. Most of the reason I even bothered watching is that Costas Mandylor is in  it. He’s played my favorite character in the Saw movies (Mark Hoffman) so it was obviously a no-brainer that I would go watch other movies he was in. It’s the only movie you’ll hear him use his native Australian accent in and he’s pretty much Steve Irwin but hunting a mixture of a dinosaur and a crocodile. Well, it’s either that or he’s battling really bad CGI. Or both. Let’s go with both.
  9. Silent Venom – Otherwise known as “Snakes On A Submarine”. Once again, another movie I only watched because an actor I like is in it. Krista Allen. Ironically, Costas Mandylor’s brother is in it I think his name is Louis? Not going to look it up because I’m lazy and it doesn’t matter. They are the only two decent actors in the movie. Basically, Krista’s character (Dr. Swanson) works for the government or something and is breeding super fucking deadly snakes. Including one that is gigantic and tries to kill everyone. So, of course, they have to get on a submarine to leave this island they are working on and the super smart/deadly/fast growing snakes get out on the sub. She’s the only one who can “tame” them. Yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds but still entertaining because there are at least two good actors in it.
  10. Snakes On A Plane – If Silent Venom is on here, this has to be on here too. Why? Because Silent Venom is obviously a B-Movie rip-off of this “so bad it’s good” movie. It really is good, though, as much as it is awful, cheesy, and full of cliches. I saw it opening night when it came out God only knows how long ago. It was fun. I can’t really say there are any scary parts (other than the predictable jump scares). The point is, when you have Samuel L Jackson in a movie, it’s just going to be entertaining. No matter how bad the plot actually turns out to be. I can’t complain too much about this one (I’m tired of these mother fuckin snakes, on this mother fuckin plane!) but really it falls nowhere near the “actually good” category of movies. I suppose it’s a horror movie mostly because it combines two common phobias. Snakes and planes.

All these movies have entertainment value. All of them are awful. It’s a weird thing when a movie is so bad that it becomes good again. I don’t know. Of course there are plenty of horror films that are just so bad they are painful but these all have some redeeming quality to them that make the ability to watch them over, and over, and over again fun.



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