Why Saw VII Negates Saw VI Canon

Like 95% of the Saw fandom with a brain, I hated Saw VII (or Saw 3D as not super informed people call it). Basically, the “mythology” events in Saw VII completely erase the entire rest of the franchise and what Jigsaw actually thought about Lawrence Gordon. I mean for the entire series. Though it’s “understandable” (by which I mean it isn’t) that they changed a lot of it (Time crunch) they still could have done better than ripping the ending straight from message boards. Mostly because out of the thousands of fan theories they could of have chosen they chose a widely regarded as “shit” fan theory. No, seriously, there were like I dunno 50 people who actually liked that ending (before it happened in the actual movie). Let’s go through and look at all the reasons Saw VII was absolute crap in way of canon for the characters of Mark Hoffman, Jigsaw, and Lawrence Gordon. Oh yes, there will be spoilers. 

First of all, there is no way in holy hell Jigsaw would have chosen Gordon of all people to “look after” Jill in the event of his death. Noscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-05-34-amne. In basically every movie there was some scene explaining how much Jigsaw hated Gordon. Which was apparently a lot because a ton of this franchise was built around how much that guy fucking sucked as a doctor and failed as a human being. Really? So we are to believe after six movies of trashing that man, Jigsaw was secretly waiting to have him step in and take care of Jill in the event that he died? No. Not even close to plausible.

Then we have the fact that Gordon failed his test in the first movie. The test being to shoot Adam before the clock said 6:30. Which he absolutely did not do. Then he cut off his own foot like a stupid little bitch. He would have bled out. Even if he hadn’t, there was no reason for Jigsaw to help him. He didn’t help Adam, who also “failed” so why help Gordon who he hated considerably more than Adam? Yet, Saw VII shows Gordon getting to a pipe and somehow cauterizing his leg stump to have Jigsaw help him? No. Not Buying that.

If that’s not enough for people to agree, we have the nay-sayers yelling that “A LOT OF THE TRtrapAPS WERE MEDICAL! JIGSAW AND HOFFMAN WOULD NEED A DOCTOR FOR THEM!” Really? Because no. A lot of the traps involved backdoor, home basement surgery techniques that anyone could accomplish a variety of ways. Especially considering how much access to medical equipment Jigsaw had. Which was more or less explained on the tapes of how the traps were set up. The Gordon supporters always cite one stupid ass fan video that some guy made for fun as “proof” when if you look at the actual facts that entire fan theory video doesn’t make sense but fuck logic.

For instance, the fan theory video says that in Saw II, you can see Jigsaw “limping away” from the first test victim. Which is “proof” that Gordon was doing the “eye surgery”. Note: the eye surgery was just popping out the eye and putting a key in the socket and jamming it back in the guy’s head. Which isn’t that hard to do if someone is knocked out and it was pretty clear that guy couldn’t see out of that eye with how it looked when he was in the trap. Dscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-08-52-amo not need a doctor to do that. In any case, Tobin Bell (on DVD commentary) said that it was him in that footage (which it was) and he added the limp to show that Jigsaw’s cancer had progressed more and he was more weak and sick. It has been confirmed the man in that video was Jigsaw by the guy who played Jigsaw. After that point, the Gordon theory holds no more water. If you want to take it a step further, the note Hoffman got in Saw VI (the one that said: I know who you are) was in Jill Tuck’s handwriting. Which was also stated in the commentary on the DVDs. Throughout the entire franchise Gordon was only ever mentioned in passing, and ONLY to explain how despised he was.

a32398499819d1afa366b99d6544fb35Looking at all of these clues right here (which are less clue like and more “hardcore evidence like”) one can easily see that Gordon being the hero at the end of Saw VII made absolutely no goddamn sense. Furthermore, for some reason, the Saw wiki lists Hoffman as dead. Which there is no literal clue to at all, none. Hoffman, the guy who broke his own hand and ripped open his own face to get out of a far worse situation than being chained up, is dead? When we last saw Hoffman all that was wrong with him was he was chained up in a bathroom. The same bathroom where Gordon and Adam were chained up in the first movie. The same bathroom Detective Matthews was chained up in (and only had to break his foot and snap his ankle to gscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-02-18-amet out of). Hoffman wasn’t wounded in any way, and given that we already saw him break bones to get out of one trap, the fuck is to say he didn’t just mash up his foot like Matthews did the moment Gordon left?

Though I highly down that if Saw VIII is a thing they will ever touch down on what happened to Hoffman, there is no way he died in that bathroom. None. He was already shown to have an intense will to survive any fucked up situation he was thrown into. Saw VII threw everything the rest of the franchise built into the trash and it’s highly recommended that you avoid it at all costs. As for me, I’m going to keep on pretending that it doesn’t exist and the franchise has the open ending of Hoffman escaping the RBT 2.0 at the end of Saw VI instead. That ending as BAD as it would have been still makes far more sense than what the Gordonite Fangirls and Boys shat out for the rest of us.




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