My Picks: Survival Horror Games

Here are some horror video games that I absolutely fucking love and would be my top picks. I’m not going to limit myself with number (or even go in order of most to least favorite because I can’t). I will recommend these to anyone who loves gross, graphic, and scary horror games. Most of them will revolve around zombies and/or some kind of zombie killing. They are also going to be maturely rated with a high chance of blood, guts, and gore. You’ve been warned.

  1. Outlast & Outlast: Whistleblower Β – God where do I even start with these games? They are just amazing. Especially considering that you don’t have a weapon. At all. What you have is a shitty ass handheld video camera that also has night vision. Hang on a outlastscreenshot-10-1920x1080minute. though, the night vision runs on scarcely placed through the game batteries which run out hella quick. Even on casual mode (I’ve never played on anything harder because quite frankly the game terrifies me). The first time I played, I pretty much played as I muttered over and over “I don’t wanna go in that room, I don’t want to play anymore”. I know the point of the game is to record evidence of the experiments going on in the asylum but some levels I was so terrified I just ran through them because FUCK THAT SHIT. The game is gory too and weird, and in the second game, there are a lot of naked men running around. Lots of GOOD jump scares, like effective ones. The suspense and atmosphere is done so correctly you are just on edge all the time. An A+ adrenaline rush from start to finish with both of them. I’m sure that Outlast 2 will make it on here as well once it’s out and I have played it.
  2. The Evil Within – Yes, GOD yes. I did review this one to show all the haters why they are “wrong” about it. Okay, I get that it’s opinion based but whatever. The story is original and creepy as shit. The monsters, the bosses, the characters, the the-evil-within-1atmosphere, each and every last detail. The gore and the graphics. The music? God, there couldn’t be a better game. It not only includes killing zombie like people but a whole host of monsters, creeps, and weird ass shit. This game has everything. Yes, it can be annoying trying to play it. Yes, the mechanics of the game are super frustrating. Once you adapt and give it a chance you will find that it is one of the best survival horror games out there. One that I have now beaten five times because I just can’t get enough of it.
  3. Dead Island & Dead Island Riptide – As I recently found out a lot of people hate these games but fuck those people. It seems that they are more upset about the multiplayer experience than anything when I never played on multiplayer. You don’t NEED to play on multiplayer. Even though the plot is kind of lacking and there are a 4e908e05133c7559bec0173c713c3e39lot of things that don’t make sense (like why anyone would need money to upgrade weapons in a zombie apocalypse) it’s still a great game. The open world type island atmosphere is fun to play. You get your choice of four different protagonists to play as and each time you level up you get a new perk to choose to make you better. There are hundreds of different weapon combinations to choose from to slice, explode, and kick the crap out of several different types of zombies. As the group, you are part of, is immune to the virus you are pretty much “safe” to roam the island, collecting supplies, and running errands for the survivors who can’t leave the shelters while they wait for help to arrive.
  4. Resident Evil 1 through 5 (including Code Veronica) – These games just cannot be beat. I albert_wesker_re5love them. It definitely stops at Resident Evil: 6, given that the majority of that game seems to be QTE related and I don’t want to play an FPS game as mostly a movie. Most people know about this game and the umbrella corporation and the subsequent movies. I don’t know what it is about them. The first one I ever played was Resident Evil 2 and it immediately had me hooked right in. Though that one is for the first Playstation, it only ever got more amazing from there. Resident Evil: 4 even has the game set up so it adapts to your skill level as you play it. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the release of Resident Evil: 7 even if I also agree it doesn’t look like the “typical” Resident Evil type game. I won’t complain or pass judgment until I’ve played it, unlike the rest of the damn world.
  5. Dead Rising 2 – Alright this isn’t exactly your typical or even scary zombie killing game but it is super fun. It also would be classified as survival horror given that you have to fight zombies and survive. You are trapped in a city that’s obviouslyreview-deadrising2x360-big-2 supposed to be Las Vegas (even if they don’t call it that) and you run around as a guy named Chuck. It’s similar to Dead Island in the way that you have a workbench and can create many different weapons from the available supplies in the world but that’s where the similarities stop. The game is somewhat self-aware of how ridiculous it is as well. The most annoying part is having to get your daughter zombrex once every 24 hours but despite that part, it’s really fun. The characters are funny, dark, and interesting. There’s even three different possible endings to choose from depending on a few key choices you make. If you like blood and guts (and zombies) but don’t want to be scared or take a game too seriously, I recommend this one the most.
  6. Until Dawn – When I first saw the trailer to this game I was super excited. Then I also saw that it was basically a “choose your own adventure” but in video game form. Mostly QTE actions and not much of your actual own direction. Other than, of course, the choices you make on behalf of all of the characters. After finding that out I decided to skip it. Then the rave reviews started to happen. I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to play it so I rented it. Let me tell you, that game was so good that I played it emilyall in an entire day. Which is crazy considering how long it takes to finish. Totally worth it. There are several different endings as well. Bad and good for each character. The only character I really cared the most about saving was Emily (even if there were a few other characters I liked within the game). The plot is also different from any I’ve ever seen in video game format and that was refreshing. The characters are somewhat realistic to the types of kids you’d find in high school/early years of college as well. The graphics are very good but sometimes border on uncanny valley quality. In any case, this is a great game for people who don’t want to actually have to run around and be active. Just kick back and enjoy the plot, you decide who lives and who dies.
  7. Saw – Of course I would choose this one right? I really do agree that the mechanics of the game are awful. Especially the combat mechanics. Yet, it was still worth at least two playthroughs for me. You are Detective Tapp (from the first movie) and you are running around in a hospital trying to save people from their traps. The traps are mini games within the game and if you don’t finish them in time the people die and saw-2you have to start over. There is also a hoard of insane people in exploding collars and other devices running around trying to kill you to get the key to unlock their devices. Every so often you find a note that explains the canon of the franchise. Tobin Bell does the voice of Jigsaw. The twist ending is pretty fucking sweet also. If you are a fan of the movies I would recommend this game, but probably not recommend it if you aren’t a fan. Maybe that’s the reason it exists, just for the fans. If so, I’m glad they made it. Avoid Saw 2 though, that game sucks.

I realize I only got to “Seven” on this list but I really mentioned more than ten if you realize that I listed nearly an entire franchise (and then games that have more than one game available to play). If you are into the survial horror genre like I am (especially FPS) or just getting into it, these are some amazing games to try out. I wasn’t disappointed with a second of any one of them.



  1. This is a really great list with some solid choices. Many people tend to forget the Saw game, but I actually think it deserves some more credit for being what it was. πŸ™‚


    • I had some major issues with the combat mechanics but other than that it was a good game. Also you aren’t really in combat that much, and if you get the revolver you don’t need to worry about combat lol the second one is awful. I mean I own it cause I’m a Saw fan but it’s just bad and practically not playable.


      • I never played the second one, but I’ve heard similar things about it over the years. I’d love for there to be a new Saw game that’s really done right. It would be amazing if you could even design your own torture chambers and share the levels online with other players. πŸ˜€

        That said, do you share your posts on any other websites? I work over at Creators .Co (we’re part of Movie Pilot and Now Loading) and this is the sort of content that makes for an interesting read. If you were open to the idea of posting your work on our sites in addition to also having your blog/site here, I’d be more than happy to help you get started. My e-mail and more info can be found on my page. (o^.^)b


      • I’d like that I mean more exposure isn’t exactly a bad thing especially when I’m passionate about doing this sort of thing. More than I am about the other website I run. Did you just want video game stuff or would you like a combination of video game and horror stuff? I don’t mind doing both or just one. I probably have way more material for horror movies cause I’m super into them and have been for far longer than horror games but I’ll work with whatever you want πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      • Honestly, both work! Since the content contributed to creators has the chance of being shared to Now Loading and/or Movie Pilot, we welcome a variety of topics for users to write about. Horror movies, games, TV, it’s all welcome πŸ˜€ — You can contact me if you’d like some help getting started (


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