The Sickening Truth Behind The NBCHannibal Fandom

People have always been curious as to why the Hannibal Fandom hates me, or why I hate them. Whatever. The point is that I always told them that the answer could fill a book. Here is that book.

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-4-37-31-am The book is currently on sale on Amazon for $2.99 because it took a lot of effort to put together. It’s over 40 thousand words. True accounts of the very many criminals, con-artists, and predators I met over my time in the fandom. The most chilling of which is the story of the woman who ran

Beware of non-verified book reviewers as these would be the people that this book is about. Here I’ve provided an excerpt beyond the book preview so potential readers could gain a better idea of what type of true horror lies behind the pages of the book.


TC (Former owner of bragged about her cosplay all the time. How her fashion sense was just like that of Freddie’s. The only problem with this was that she never put pictures of herself online where her face was visible. The most that anyone ever got were pictures of her hair, or the back of her head so the wig could be seen. Never a profile, never even a hint of what her face looked like. Other than that there would be pictures of her hands or feet. More often than not, the pictures she did post were random things she owned. Her stuffed animal collection. Her doll collection. Her Hannibal memorabilia. The food she was cramming into her fat mouth on a daily basis. From the few pictures that were seen it was obvious, she was fat. At one point she had to go to the hospital and she took pictures of her feet in the wheelchair. Her feet looked like they were about to burst out of her tiny shoes because of how crammed in there they were. Another picture showed the fattest leg I’d ever seen. Cankles everywhere. It seemed that she was super careful never to show her own skin. Even on her hands. The majority of hand pictures that she put up were covered by gloves. Which she seemed to have a lot of. Her bare legs and feet were never shown. They were always covered with tights or shoes. Her massive paranoia about showing people her face was a huge red flag to me and Sam. 

On Facebook, she had no pictures of herself. At least not her face. It was the same thing, hands, feet, or wig. Those were rare as well. The vast majority of pictures on her Facebook account were fan art pictures. Stuff that people had drawn her. Mostly things that Lauren had drawn her. The subject always being Freddie Lounds. That or Bryan Fuller. Or both of them together. A creepy amount of fan art devoted to Bryan. You’d think that he’d have seen this as a warning too, as they were friends with each other on Facebook. That was the way she communicated with him most. Otherwise, it was via directly tweeting him on twitter. Most of the things she tweeted him went ignored. Even with her ability to contact him on Facebook, he was hard to get ahold of. She would lie and say that she was chatting with him all of the time. What was actually happening was far different. It mainly consisted of her sending him lots of notes and him ignoring her. The relationship was all in her head and completely one-sided. Fuller was interested in promoting her to some degree but they were never friends. Never chatting in the way that she wanted me and everyone else to think. The person she was chatting with most from the company was that man Rick that I mentioned. Rick seemed to have a lot of free time on his hands to cater to any whim that she may come up with. He dedicated a ton of time to her on Twitter as well as a ton of time with Lauren as well. 

Another claim that TC made had to do with having a disease called Cotard’s. A very rare mental illness where the sufferer thinks that they are dead even though they are alive. This mental illness was featured on Hannibal in season one and that’s where I’m sure she got the idea. The symptoms that she described having were very far from what Cotard’s presents as. The symptoms she was describing to me were way more in line with schizophrenia. The only mental illness she never claimed to have. Everything about her just had to be as unique as possible. She needed to be the most special snowflake with the worst problems so everyone would cater to her. The people that would do what she said without question were her favorites. People like Lauren who had long since decided it was easier to do what they were asked than face her wrath. Even if the ideas were completely off the wall and bordered on insane. 

She never left her house, or at least rarely left it. Most of her days were spent at home. She’d either be online or she’d be off LARPing with her boyfriend. Or Roxy. Or both of them. Roxy regularly would drive across the country at the drop of a hat to come and be with TC. On many occasions when I was Skype chatting with them I would hear Roxy there in the background. She was there with with TC’s “boyfriend”. Who was anything other than a boy, as I previously mentioned. There is no name to call this person other than a fictional one. I was only allowed to refer to her as Hannibal but she also went by Gail. This Gail character was a male version of Abigail Hobbs they had dreamed up for some reason. TC was very fond of dating and having sex with women but not admitting that she was a lesbian. She thought that because her girlfriend cosplayed as men for her, that she was actually a male. A transgender male. The funny thing was, though, TC hated actual transgender people and would go out of her way to trash them. To frame them in a light that made them seem like creepy perverts. It happened with the guy John, that I mentioned earlier, and with another guy, I only know as Al. It seemed that as long as they were mostly female, as in not transitioned, she was fine with it. Once they crossed the line that they could legally pass as men, she hated their guts. 

Hannibal or Gail, whatever you want to call her, claimed to be transgender. I have no problem with transgender people and since  didn’t have all the information I have now, I went with it. I referred to her as a “him” and used whatever pronouns she wanted. If TC was insane, this woman was one level above that. She was always doting on TC as if she couldn’t live without her. Hand feeding her so TC wouldn’t have to do it herself. Bringing her food on command and driving her places on the few occasions that she did leave the house. If she ever left. There are some pictures of her in locations that are not her own house. Then there are pictures where there are no indications of who took them or where they came from. They just happened to be pictures that she posted on her twitter. I know for a fact she posted a ton of pictures she was sent and didn’t take but she claimed them as her own. I do know that it was rare for her to leave. She even made her neighbor go pick up her mail. She had a P.O Box registered to the fictional name of Freddie Lounds. Treated the entire website (hosted free on Tumblr at the time) as some kind of business. Always adamant that she could never use her real name, address, or information. That if she did, then her ex would find her and murder her. 

At first, all of this seemed completely understandable. Abusive past relationship, a man coming after it. Then it became a sob story that she would tell in order to get people to do her bidding.

Disclaimer: 99% of this book are my own accounts as witnessed by me. However, some are accounts written by other people or about other people (who’s names have remained changed to protect there innocence) I can neither verify as true or false events which have been recounted to me so those accounts should be taken with a grain of salt (even if I trust the people who told me them enough to write them down as true stories). This book is written mostly as editorial and based on a true story and not all of it is to be taken as 100% truth as a lot of events I cannot verify on my own. This book is not associate with Hannibal, NBC, Bryan Fuller, DeLaurentiis Company, or any other production member, cast, or crew of the NBC Hannibal Television series. All perpetrators are assumed innocent until proven guilty. For videos, pictures, and other proof of everything in my book please visit my alternate website 

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