I Will Always Cosplay Freddie Lounds


I will always cosplay Freddie Lounds from Hannibal. This is my only cosplay (to date). I am not opposed to attempting other cosplays but Freddie Lounds is someone I am very passionate about. We are similar in very many ways and for very many different reasons.

  • For the most part we are both universally hated even if we have a small fanbase of loyal followers
  • We both tell the truth on the internet that people hate to read and then end up getting upset with us over
  • We are both strong, fearless, intelligent, and don’t give a shit what people think about us
  • We are both devoted to our own passions of writing about the subjects in which we write (even if they are somewhat different subjects)
  • We both have the same sense of style (seriously I needed to buy very few things to cosplay her costume wise)
  • The actress was born 4 days before me and on the same year

Despite my hate for the show and what it became, Freddie was always true to her character. This was probably only because Fuller seemed to have forgotten he had her in the show and didn’t have much time to actually change her canon to ruin her. The only thing that really got “ruined” was how they styled her hair in season three, but since I pretty much ignore anything happened after season 1, it doesn’t exactly matter. I have put a lot of work into my cosplay and will still continue to cosplay as Freddie long after the show is irrelevant. I get a lot of hate for my cosplay…especially since I apparently am not the “Real Freddie” (this has to do with lame fandom bullshit drama that you can read about on my other website if you want) but I don’t care. I have fun doing it, I am one of the best Freddie cosplayers out there (seriously it’s like other people don’t even TRY) and she means a lot to me. The point of cosplay is to have fun and I have fun being Freddie Lounds. Nothing will take that away from me.


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