How A Fandom Can Ruin A TV Show

I know what you are thinking, that people can’t RUIN something if you don’t “let” them. I got news for you. Yes, they can. Especially this day and age where writers and actors and creators are on twitter and people have nothing better to do with their lives. This has happened, I’m sure, for far more than one show and one fandom but the example I’m going to use is the Hannibal fandom. Namely, because I was in the fandom, and I watched the people who make up the fandom ruin the entire show. I also ran a relatively popular blog in season one on a website called Tumblr. This was my first mistake. On that website, if you have an opinion that isn’t “okay” or not the “popular” one, you are going to go down and go down pretty hard.

My downfall was not liking the character of Abigail Hobbs as well as making friends with the wrong people. Since I was one of the more well-known blogs I got into a group of other well-known blogs. All of which seemed to be run by utter shit headed immature 14-year-old girls (or mentally 14). High school drama, rumors, and death threats everywhere. The one girl who made it the biggest problem for me was Laura, and she’s still in the fandom, making sure to milk everyone of all the money she possibly can with her crap art on her stupid Redbubble, Kickstarter, Etsy, and the donation button where you should just give her money because she’s so totally cool. (Detailed information at this link).

She started rumors about me because she sees the fandom as a cash cow, not an actual fandom and wanted to be “queen” so I fell victim to her crap (as did many others in season one). Of course, this left a bad taste in my mouth fandom wise BUT I still found a way to enjoy the show as season one was very good. Then we entered into season 2 and that’s when it all started to go to crap. The show I mean, more so than the fandom. Don’t get me wrong, the fandom was even worse by that point, but the show. GOD was it bad. Namely, because the creator of the show (Bryan Fuller) was using ideas right from Tumblr to write the show. There was even a point where he was attacked for killing off a female character which obviously makes him sexist. Oh, and racist because the actress was Asian. Even when the actress said this wasn’t the case, Tumblr told her she didn’t know what she was talking about. This made Fuller way too hyper aware of killing any females which made the show god awful and pandering. This wouldn’t have been so bad had he also not decided to make the two main characters as GAY as humanly possible because a minority of fans wanted that to happen.

It was around this time I ran into a woman who ran a website called which banked off of manipulating people into doing art for her for free. It also banked on her pretending she interviewed the cast. Bryan Fuller, having never met her decided to promote the shit out of her, give her merchandise to run rigged contests, and pretended that she was the best “cosplayer ever” despite her never having any actual pictures of her cosplaying anywhere (other than her wearing a wig). You can read about it more extensively here. In any case, this woman’s rantings and ravings about how she was the “Real Freddie Lounds” impacted the show as well. Changing what should have been Freddie’s death because this woman totally didn’t want it (and threatened to kill herself should Freddie die in the show). It was a combination of this and constantly being harassed and called sexist on twitter that changed Fuller’s mind at the last minute.

By season three, the show was the gayest possible. He had stretched what should have only been one (or one in a half seasons) into two and a half seasons of gayness with characters he claimed all the time were also straight. It was because Tumblr wanted this way. Not to mention that 99% of the promotion for the show was straight to Tumblr. Almost not TV spots, magazine ads, or any other sort of promotion. It was just Tumblr. They were marketing a show meant for adults in the US to a bunch of teenage girls (most of whom do not live in the US). Then they had the audacity to complain about low ratings, not in they key demo. They never took into account that they were marketing exclusively to people outside of the key demo and only taking feedback from a very small minority of people, instead of trying to reach a wider audience by being more universal and less “progressive” and pandering.

The show became very pandering with forced diversity due to SJW complaining. (If you aren’t aware of what SJW means it’s short for Social Justice Warrior. They are the people who can complain about literally EVERYTHING no matter how much it caters to their exact “progressive” desires). When a white woman was cast as Will’s wife, the fandom complained about white washing and a day later a black woman was cast as Reba. The fandom wanted Will to be in love with Hannibal so he was, even if he was also totally 100% super straight (Even according to the creator who also doesn’t believe that). Season three of the show seemed like Fuller literally read ALL the posts during the hiatus and decided to write what people were posting on Tumblr, but ONLY in the Hannigram tag (the area for people who wanted Hannibal and Will to be lovers).

This led to a very anti-climactic and plot-hole ridden last season with such a wide open ending of “WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH” it makes most people glad that it was canceled in season two due to low ratings. The fandom has become a cult (more on that here). It’s because that’s what Bryan Fuller wanted. He wanted to cater to only a small minority of fans, get the show canceled early, and have their undying devotion because he did exactly what they told him to do. Meanwhile, 90% of us rational people sit around going “WHAT THE FUCK?” because the show was obliterated by a bunch of 16-year-old girls who have nothing better to do all day than tweet for nearly TWO YEARS about how badly they need a season 4 of Hannibal. Fuller encourages this behavior, blocks anyone who tries to contradict him, and outright bullies people who disagree with him. He has no plans of ever returning to complete the show and even if he did, the lead actors have way too many better opportunities to pursue to come back. One of them even expressed disliking filming the show because of the schedule.

Like it or not, fandoms can ruin TV shows. Especially this day in age when it’s just SO easy to harass and writers and creators. Thankfully, most of the writers seem to not give a rats ass about what the viewers want and keep doing what they are doing. This isn’t the case for Bryan Fuller, who has now moved on to ruin two more fandoms. Quite frankly I hope he gets hit by a damn truck. For a man who has had 3 TV shows now (none of them successful) it’s baffling how he keeps getting work.




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