Outlast (Game Review)

1This is one of the best survival horror games I ever played where there is absolutely no ability for you to kill any of the enemies. You have to survive on stealth and wit alone. God, I loved it. This isn’t a spoiler free review (and it was already mentioned in my Top Ten Survival Horror Games list) so obviously I was going to write more about it. Keep on reading to find out more about it, but even my measly descriptions couldn’t at all prepare you for the level of awesome that this game brings to the table.

I first heard about this game in 2014 but at that point, it wasn’t on console (at least I don’t think) so I put it out of my mind. I wanted to play it, and badly, but I also didn’t want to know TOO much about it beyond the trailers because I didn’t want to spoil myself. It was about a year after that, that a friend of mine asked me if I knew of it. I remembered that previously a different friend had mentioned how good it was. This friend was informing me that it was now on PS4 and I could buy it (and the DLC “Whistleblower”) for 20 dollars. Of course, that’s exactly what I did. Let me tell you, I couldn’t at all predict what I was in for.

I’d already heard amazing things about the game but didn’t know if it would be as good as everyone said. You are a private investigator who goes to an insane asylum in order to investigate some deaths and disappearances, as well as general crazy claims that 2experiments are going on there and no one knows about that shit. All you are “armed” with is your video camera. The only special power you have is to (sometimes) shove people away, sneak around, and use night vision on the camera when it gets really dark.

Almost instantly you are thrust into the creepiest world possible. You break in through and upper window of the hospital and it all goes downhill from there. As you travel along you pick up batteries for your camera, notes, and case files. You are supposed to film as much as possible because when you happen to film something important then a note comes up with more information on what is going on (which furthers the story). Within the first 10 minutes you stumble on a man who was impaled and trying to warn you, and moments after that, you are attacked by one of the patients there. That’s when you meet some kind of crazy ass priest who is on a mission to scare the ever-loving crap out of you.

Through the majority of my first playthrough of this I was curled up, and dreading going into each new a3rea. There are jump scares but they are effective and not overdone. The atmosphere and music is perfect as well. When you get chased, it somehow feels like you are literally running for your life. You in no way want to get caught by any of these overly huge men that are coming after you and you never want to open a new door or go down a new set of stairs to find out what’s waiting for you. A few of the levels I just ran as straight through as possible instead of investigating because I was so scared of what I’d see. I wasn’t even playing on the difficult mode either.

At the end, you enter a secret testing facility and find out what is really going on. Which, I honestly don’t know if I could explain it right and do it justice. Pretty much they had been trying to experiment on patients to see if they could transcend outside of their bodies. They managed to do it to one guy and he went all supernatural evil and started to ruin the facility to get revenge on the people doing this to him as well as torturing the other patients in the facility. Once you kill him (a mercy kill of sorts) you are “allowed to go” except you actually aren’t. As you are trying to leave they get you. They fucking get you. So it’s a downer story which is utterly creepy, with an even more downer ending. I’ve played it through a few times and though it’s lost SOME of it’s suspense it hasn’t lost ALL of it. I am determined to find all the clues and information on my own (even if that may take time and is stupid because I can look it up myself if I really wanted to). If you are a fan of survival horror, this definitely takes it to the next level and I absolutely cannot wait to experience the official sequel when that becomes available.



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  1. Red Barrels sure did surprise us all with their inner demons that were waiting for us when we entered the asylum. I agree, it’s one of the best horror games I’ve come to witness. (I sound like the creepy priest don’t I ?) Whistleblower is a great follow up, perhaps I may love it slightly more but both are visually and mentally amazing and can’t wait for outlast 2. I was wondering if you have played and liked the Last of Us? I found it on par with this game. It’s a beautiful game.

    As a new subscriber to your blog, I have to say it’s fantastic and was a very interesting read from a horror lover to another.


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