True Horror

I’m always fascinated by true horror stories. This could really be classified as a multitude of things. From Elisa Lam (and whatever happened with that) to alleged “true” possessions and hauntings. I can’t say I actually believe that stuff, cause I kinda don’t? I also think with most things (even Elisa Lam) that there is a reasonable explanation and it is probably a pretty boring one at that. Still, I cannot help but be fascinated by certain stories that I hear and I love to speculate. I also love to debunk things and look into evidence and signs of why things are fake. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) some of these things don’t have answers and probably never will. Which is when people pretty much have to settle on never getting answers. Of course, since this is mostly a horror blog I have decided to start including true horror as part of the entries on here because thy the hell not?

My fascination with this started at a very young age. The first show that I watched when I was young was something called Unsolved Mysteries. It was hosted by Robert Stack and I’m probably dating myself by mentioning it and having somewhat fond memories of it. Fond as in, the show scared the shit out of me, because all of the stories on there were real. Most of them had to do with people going missing and never having been found (or unsolved murders). On occastion there were episodes about UFO abductions and shit like that. I honestly wish I could find really old episodes of this to watch and then research on the internet if there were any conclusions to them. Sometimes, even though cases go unsolved for 10-20 years there is a conclusion. Or, like in the case of the Zodiac Killer, no one fucking knows what happened and probably never will. It would still be nice to see if any of these things were solved.

From there I moved on to a show called Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction. The first season was hosted by….some guy. I could easily look it up but I don’t care to because that’s ultimately not why I have such fond memories of the show. It’s because the second and third season were hosted by a man named Johnathan Frakes and he was Will Riker on Star Trek The Next Generation. I always had a huge thing for Frakes cause I liked Riker. The show was awful. Like SOOOO awful, yet some how has entertainment value. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the really bad puns that Frakes would make, maybe it was the really cheesy acting, but I’ve even gone as far to download and rewatch the show many times (despite knowing at this point which stories are fact and which are fiction). Though, they use the term “fact” very loosely. Whatever. The point is that was kind of what introduced me to my whole skeptic attitude on things. How easy it is to fool people into thinking something is real when it’s an urban legend.

It was also around that time that I discovered in it’s earliest stages of being a webpage. Back when they basically had no articles on there but had already debunked (or proven true) some of the more famous urban legends. I consumed tons of “true crime” novels about well known cases that didn’t seem to have an answer (at the time). Like the case of Jon Benet Ramsey, though now I think it’s widely believed the brother killed her and the parents covered it up. Unless the brother confesses we probably will never know as the mother is now dead (and I think the father might be as well? Can’t remember).

I think what drove me to be into all of this was that when I was a kid then a teen I wanted to be an FBI agent. Clearly, that didn’t pan out for me, but I never lost my interest in crime and eerie unsolved mystery cases. I think that human nature causes a great curiosity for these things. They fall into the category of the unknown. Though I have yet to find an actual, legitimate case of a haunting or ghost encounter, I have found things that land in a grey area. Things that I would say could be faked but also could be real (but I pretty much just think they were faked). When it comes to demonic possessions I believe that in some cases (and I mean like 1^) there could be something supernatural at play. For the most part I think that demonic possessions are some kind of mental illness or a psychotic break (or nervous breakdown) or maybe even just a random period of mental illness that clears up on it’s own. It could very well just be a placebo effect. I have read cases that were really hard to determine what was a possession and what was a mental illness. For me, the jury is still out on if someone can be demonically possessed.

I hope that all the readers here enjoy the true crime and real stories that I intend to include. They can be just as chilling as fiction, and sometimes even better. If you read and want to know specifics on something you heard before, or a certain case, I don’t mind doing research into it. Just let me know and I’ll write you up an article. Of course, the things I intend to present first are the cases I am most interested in and I’ll branch off from that point.


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