RWD (Movie Review)

mv5bmtuxodmznjkxmv5bml5banbnxkftztgwnzk0oduynte-_v1_ux148_cr00148216_al_Let me start by saying that when I first clicked on this movie to watch it, I really had no idea what I was getting into. The summary wasn’t even that great. I had intended to watch a really bad found footage movie to review and it turned out to be not all that bad. It’s confusing and a lot of it makes no sense and even despite that it’s some how creepy. No idea why. I’ll try to explain it the best I can but this also means spoilers and ultimately it may just have to be a movie you need to see yourself if it’s going to make sense. It’s like a Doctor Who episode on crack.

Alright so it starts with these two guys named Ricky and Chris. They are at some kind of doorframe rwd4thing in a field somewhere. They start talking about how it’ll be good for their “next episode” and you figure out they make a web series about ghost hunting and the paranormal and all of that shit. So after that point they head into the woods and some weird kind of things start happening but nothing too weird. They tell a story about how a guy settled at that area back in the day, but shit went down and he ended up murdering and eating his own family. They walk to a house and they are supposed to interview some of the surviving descendants but no one is there. Ricky says that Chris told them the wrong date of the interview and that’s why.

During their investigation of the house, Ricky claims to see some guy run into the backyard but when they go check, there’s no one there. They also see a window opening and shutting on it’s own. They find a dog but the dog seems to be afraid of them and so they just kind of let it run off. After that, they head back into the woods to do some more rwd3-751x420filming. They film for a bit and come across a silo and then weird shit starts to go down when they try to look inside. As usual the camera kind of goes static as Ricky climbs into the building and they are somewhere in some underground tunnels or a factory or something.

They investigate shit, hear weird noises, screams and breaking glass. The usual. Then they get to some kind of control room with a computer and things, well, rewind. They are suddenly outside and it’s day time again. They go back to the silo but when they look in the same window as before there’s nothing down there. It’s just water. Then it starts to get weird. I mean weird in a way that when I try to explain it, it’s just going to sound like a bad movie and make no sense but I’ll try anyway.

Something happens where there seems to be a split timeline. As in, Ricky and Chris start to see themselves but earlier in the day, or from the previous day. It seems that earlier Ricky and Chris cannot see them but they can see themselves but in the past. This continues and they start to follow the guys around and then try to fuck with them. rwd1Eventually some kind of time space continuum barrier breaks and they are able to actively fuck with their past selves. At first it seems fun. You find out that these guys are the ones in the silo making all the noise and yelling to scare the shit out of themselves. Which is an interesting premise. People from a show about ghosts go forward in time to fuck with their past selves to make them think there are actual ghosts and scare the shit out of them. Still with me?

Then it gets even more odd. It seems that when/if they rewind the footage that they have they can go back in time again. Which they do. Over and over and over. This ends up opening multiple timelines. I suppose this also makes Chris kind of insane because he decides to use these chances to stab himself. For some reason. Wasn’t exactly clear on that. They jump to a part where Chris stabs himself but then a third (or second) Chris comes up behind him and stabs him. Ricky takes out his gun (the gun is shown at the rwd6beginning of the movie when Ricky says he’s not going to run around unarmed, he also has a tazer) and he shoots third Chris. Except at that point the stab happy Chris he’s already with is dead, or something. Rewind again and Ricky shows up in time to shoot third Chris before he can stab second Chris. Or first. Whatever. You get my point.

So then it becomes a jumble of timelines and it’s honestly hard to tell who the hell we are watching. If we are watching the original Chris and Ricky or we are some how watching the footage of the other versions of Chris and Ricky. Whatever the case, it seems that at some point Chris has gone insane and is trying to kill all the other Chrises around and Ricky is running around shooting the Chrises to try to stop them. As stupid as this sounds it’s actually really well done and a great/slow buildup of “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON” before you somewhat piece it together.

Does the movie have it’s flaws? Yes. Definitely. Like the one lingering question of WHY DID THEY STAY IN THE WOODS FOR MULTIPLE DAYS AND NEVER TRY TO LEAVE? As cool as it would be to fuck with your multiple selves, wouldn’t you also be freaked out enough to attempt to leave? Which brings me back to the question of, which ones were we watching? Were we only watching the original Chris and Ricky? Did we get a mixture of all of them together? Why keep trying to film your ghost hunter show as if nothing is wrong while this is also going on? Things like that. So yes, there are flaws with the movie, fine. However, this is something else you should take into consideration.

rwd2This movie was filmed, written, edited, and shot by two people. Who also acted in it. Considering how low budge and time consuming all that must have been, they are good actors. I mean, they don’t seem forced, they are very natural in front of cameras, and it actually feels like some guys trying to shoot and episode for a youtube series or something. I found out that Adam Hartley (Chris) also worked on a Slender Man film (which makes sense given the editing techniques utilized in the RWD film). Obviously this isn’t to downplay Matt Stuertz role in the film either, but something I wanted to point out. Honestly, I can’t really say the movie is great or awful. It’s kind of in limbo. The story idea is really original, the filming and effects are well done, it was only two guys with two cameras, and I mean ultimately it did give me the creeps at certain points. Maybe it’s because I have an overactive imagination. Still, with the numerous questions and concerns I have about the plot, I’d still much prefer to see something like this than the big budget piles of shit they keep cramming down our throats. I say give it a watch, and if you have a better theory than me on what the fuck happened, please feel free to share. I’d like to find people to discuss this with in all honesty.



  1. Did you notice the date changed from 3. 05.2014 to 4.05.2014? That was right after he said they gave the people the wrong date? I think they died and the ghost was in the recording somehow?! I dont know im still confused!


    • Huh no I did not notice that but good catch I’ll have to go back and watch it. I talked to one of the writers/actors in this movie about it and he won’t give me many answers other than the first Chris and Ricky you watch are NOT the original versions (like the first versions that went out there) but that’s the only clue he would give me lol


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