Brandon Swanson (True Horror)

I just heard about this one recently and have been pondering it ever since. The disappearance of Brandon Sawson. He went missing in 2008 and hasn’t been heard from again. The story surrounding his disappearance is even more creepy.

Brandon had been out partying with friends, late, and he crashed his car into a ditch when he was driving home. Believing he knew where he was (despite it being basically nowhere and dark) he called his dad and asked him for a ride. He told his dad where he was (or thought he was) and waited. When his dad arrived at the area that Brandon said he was in, he was nowhere to be found. They called each other on their cell phones. Brandon’s dad said he was going to flash the headlights of his car to see if Brandon could see him. He couldn’t. Brandon did the same but his father couldn’t see anything either.

His father headed home to drop off his mother but then went back out looking for Brandon. On the phone again, Brandon told him that he was going to walk to a nearby town because he thought he could see lights of one in the distance. They decided to stay on the phone, though, and were on it for a good 45 or so minutes. The father reports that Brandon did not sound drugged or intoxicated or anything like that. The conversation was calm and relatively normal considering the situation. That was until Brandon suddenly said “oh shit” and the line went dead. The father tried to call him back a few times but the phone only ever went to voicemail.

By the morning people were searching for Brandon but his car was 20 minutes from where he said it was. He has not been seen or heard from since then, nor has a body been recovered. As of now there is no real explanation for his disappearance or even why he thought he was one place when he was in another area entirely. There is speculation on what could have happened to him, though.

One such theory involves him getting lost and trying to take shelter somewhere because it was cold that night. He either ended up getting trapped or dying from exposure (or both) and scavenging animals picked apart his body which is why no trace of him has been found.

Another theory has to do with him either falling into a well or a sinkhole. The well theory doesn’t hold much water (get it) because the area had ordered all wells deep enough to kill someone like that filled and/or capped to prevent such a thing a while before he would have vanished. A sinkhole is possible but unlikely given the area.

Some people think that because it was somewhat backwoods and farm country, he could have stumbled onto private property and been attacked and killed, the body been hidden and dealt with in a manner that he wouldn’t have been found. Also possible. Except Brandon still seemed to have enough time to yell “oh shit” without the line going dead first.

The most plausible theory (in my mind) is that he fell into a raging river. It was reported that Brandon had lost vision in one eye (or bad vision) and his depth perception wasn’t too great. Given that and the fact it was dark and the middle of nowhere, it would have been easy to slip and fall into a river. He was near a river that at that time of year was raging and fast moving. Also, it’s possible for one to yell “oh shit” as they are slipping and falling and then lose control of the phone. The river could have swept him far and even somewhat torn him apart (jagged rocks and all) which would leave scavenging animals to come and get what was left.

Maybe it’s even possible that he decided that night he was just going to run off and start a new life (unlikely but, hey, it’s happened before). Whatever the case, this is a real person who really went missing in 2008 and no one has any idea what happened to him. It’s almost as if he were abducted by aliens or stepped into another dimension. If you do happen to have information on Brandon, obviously contact the authorities and let them know what you know. Information is below:

sel Brandon Swanson


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