Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood (Game Review)

I al133726bready read a review for Until Dawn (as in the original game) and you can read it here if you are interested. This is a specifically for PSVR (Playstation Virtual Reality) Game. It’s a spin-off of that game. Kind of a loose spin off. It has the same characters and things like that but it’s also not really got a plot? Also, you could easily play this and not need to know that much about the original game. I suppose that this game would make way more sense if you knew about it but I don’t see how it would impact play too much. As usual this will not be a spoiler-free review so read at your own risk.

First of all, it took me forever to track down this game. I actually was convinced it didn’t exist at one point. When I looked it up by name (and then manually) in the actual playstation store, it just didn’t exist. When I went on my computer to go on the playstation store to look for it, when I found it, it said “page doesn’t exist”. I was a very high level of frustrated with the ease of trying to find this game. Then I heard that there was a hardcopy of it, so I looked on gamestop.com and that’s where I found it. However, Sony still made me jump through a ton of hoops just to get it to download. I don’t know if this was just my experience or not but I was super annoyed with it. This isn’t really any comment on the actual game, just how annoying it ended up being to get the game.

The game is actually pretty amazing. I know that the PSVR came out in October so I’m pretty “late to the game” but damn. I also avoided reviews, watching footuntil-dawn-rush-of-blood-ps4-review-5-1280x720age, and any sort of spoilers for it because I didn’t want to be spoiled in the eventual event that I would get a copy so I could play it. I’m glad I didn’t watch any footage or anything. A lot of this game is kind of ‘ruined’ if you know what is coming and when. I know because my roommate watched me play and then played it himself and since he knew what was coming (and what to do) it was less suspenseful for him. He still enjoyed it but it has less of a ‘scary’ impact.

Not that this game is ONLY based on jump scares, because it’s not. Are there jump scares? Yes but I wouldn’t say they are overused. Or maybe it’s just that I’m new to the entire concept of VR and jump scares are way more effective in VR and that’s why they don’t annoy me? But there are also proper jump scares like, you turn your head and something is there. No loud, screaming noises, it’s just something there that you didn’t see before. It’s a combination of that and the jarring noise ones.

until-dawn-pig-01Anyway, the game is basically a shooting gallery/roller coaster which sounds lame but it’s actually not. On the coaster, you are moved around from area to area. You can shoot while it moves (and are supposed to) and then in certain places it stops and you have to shoot the monsters there too. Anything from creepy ass clowns, to pig carcasses, to mannequins, and then giant ass spiders. I have yet to get past the spider part because I keep dying and if I had to guess I’d say that was the last level but I’m not sure because I don’t read spoilers.

If this game were just a normal, non VR game it would pretty much suck. I mean, there would be some appeal to it but not much. Most of what makes this game as fucked up creepy as it is, is the ability to turn your head and shine your light on things. It makes it so that things in the game can literally sneak up on you and far more so than on a screen. The scares are more effected because of the 3D quality of it and I swear to God they have parts where spiders are on your damn face and it’s awful. I certainly love this game and so far, playing it a few times (to get better scores) it’s still had effective scares and creepy Until Dawn™: Rush of Blood_20161018144843moments. The only part that is just frustrating now is the level I’m on with the spiders but I refuse to give up.

If you like horror, happen to have a PSVR (and also played Until Dawn) I’d definitely say give it a go. It’s worth the 20 dollars that it costs and because of the scoring system there are tons of reasons to play over and over, cause you want the high score right? Especially since it’s all uploaded online and you can see your ranking on all of the boards. Or at least, that severely appeals to my competitive nature.


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