Kitchen (Game Demo)

Tmaxresdefault5his is a game demo for the soon to be PSVR game, Resident Evil Biohazard. It won’t exactly be the longest review ever because it’s not the longest demo ever. It’s not to the level that the first demo is (but I’ll get to that one later). The reason why I want to mention this one is because it’s fucking awesome. Spoilers, as usual, but really even when I tell you what’s in it, it’s nothing like actually experiencing it in a virtual setting.

The scene opens and you are in a kitchen, there is a camera in front of you and your friend is laying on the floor. You really can’t do much of anything in the demo. Your hands are bound and all you can do is kind of move and flail them. You can’t stand up and walk around but you can look around. As in, turn your head and look around because it’s VR. The game prompts you to knock over the camera. Once you do that, this starts the demo and you friend wakes up. He talks to you, rambling a bit, telling you that you have to get out of there. You both do. He grabs a knife and tries to cut your bindings. That’s when you see a creepy ass woman coming up behind him. He gets stabbed, you get stabbed, it’s all maxresdefault3good.

The best part is that she gets right in your face to wave the knife. Not only is she very, intimidating, the knife seems super in your face. As much as she doesn’t like exactly like a real human, she doesn’t need to. The point is that real or not she legitimately feels like she’s right in your face, knife and all. Then she gets distracted again, grabs your friend, and drags him off. Next thing you know, his head comes rolling towards you and stops right where you can just look it helplessly. Then VR uses it’s immersion with sound to let you hear this woman all around you. Breathing, moving, scurrying and shit like that. Then, her hands are over your eyes, rubbing over your face, and it ends.

As someone who is clearly into horror, I’ve been waiting basically my whole life to experience horror in this fashion. I already know the complaints about this installment of Resident Evil. I understand them but I’m not really sure I care? I’m pretty much waiting to actually play the game and see the plot before I decide it’s the worst thing ever. If you ask me, Resident Evil 6 is the current worst of the franchise. A lot of it is QTE and the combat mechanics are awful I could barely play it. That’s just my opinion. The point is that if you are a horror fan just try to ignore the connection to Resident Evil that this is somehow supposed to have, and download this free demo. It’s creepy as fuck and definitely worth your five or so minutes of time. maxresdefault4


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