RINGS (Video Short)

downloadRings was a video short that you could see before the release of Ring TwO. It was really good, which kind of burns me considering that the actual sequel to The Ring fucking sucked, but this isn’t about that. As usual there will be spoilers but regardless of that, it’s still worth seeing because nothing could exactly spoil the imagery of the actual short film.

This video was used to promote The Ring TwO. It starred Ryan Merriman (who I already talked about in my review of The Final Destination 3). Pretty much the premise of this short is that a bunch of high school kids get their hands on the curse tape from The Ring and then watch it. They are all in a group of people volunteering to watch it. Rumor has it that when you watch the tape, weird stuff starts to happen to you. That you see things, experience things. The only way to stop it, is by getting the next person in the circle to watch the copy of the tape that you make.

Ryan’s character watches the tape because it seems clear he’s trying to impress thisthering-02 random girl he likes. He walks around filming things, seeing things, and it’s very on par with the first movie. There are random ladders and water falling. One of the best scenes is the water that drips sideways down the hall and how Samara comes out of screen sideways. The effects were really well done and so was the acting. The other kids in the group can also apparently see what Ryan’s character is seeing (despite already having survived the curse). It’s like being in some kind of secret cult or club all with each other. However, the girl who is supposed to watch the tape after Ryan’s character chickens out. This leaves no one for him to actually pass the tape onto.

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-8-23-37-pmWhat ends up happening is that he has to call Emily (the girl he likes) and he begins to try to convince her to watch this tape. She doesn’t really know what’s on the tape and he’s vague about telling her what it is because he’s aware she’s not going to watch it if he tells her. Who in their right mind would? It gets down to the wire, the very last minutes that he actually has to get someone to watch the tape. That’s where the movie ends, without you knowing if she has watched the curse tape or not. If you want to know (or wanted to know back then) the only way for you to possibly have found out was to go to the theater and watch the sequel to the movie. Now, with this whole premise and plot for the short you’d have thought that they’d continue with this premise. They didn’t. In fact, The Ring TwO was pretty much a huge abortion of a sequel. Would not recommend. So, stick with this short and pretend it’s got something to do with the actual sequel. Trust me.


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