True Horror: Lars Mittank

tdeae4d_larsm08pmlv4jowIn July of 2014, some disturbing CCTV video footage from an airport in Germany surfaced. It was a man name Lars Mittank. The footage shows Lars entering an airport clinic. Not too long later he’s seen bolting out of there full speed (without the luggage he originally brought into the clinic in the first place). The camera footage can trace him running all the way outside, through the parking lot, and then vanishing. Lars has not been heard from since and not much is known about what happened or who he was running from. Who or what.

Lars sustained a head injury during a fight while on vacation with his friends. He was advised not to fly because of a ruptured ear drum. It wasn’t safe to fly that way. He chose to stay behind even though his friends left and he was put on an antibiotic to take for his injury. Despite telling his friends he felt safe, he texted his mother saying he didn’t. That he was afraid. He asked her to cancel his credit cards and seemed overly panicked. This of course, was the night before he was seen on video at the airport. He told his mother he was hiding and four men were following him. He wanted to leave on the next flight which would be the day after that.

That’s when he headed to the airport clinic in order to get himself checked out to see if he would be cleared to fly. The antibiotics that he was prescribed normally donjm34xvv‘t have any sort of ill interaction unless used in combination with alcohol or drugs. Seemingly, they shouldn’t have caused this sort of paranoid reaction from Lars. He had no reason to start acting delusional and no history of any sort of odd behavior or delusions. There is a facebook set up in order to help find his location. Many of the sources of information are in German so this isn’t the easiest case to get facts on. There are, however, a ton of internet theories as to what may have happened to Lars ranging from plausible to super implausible, just like the Elisa Lam case discussed earlier this week.


The most plausible theory, and the one I agree with most, is that the blow to his ear caused a head injury. Most likely it could have caused a concussion. I’m someone who has had a concussion in her life and it’s not exactly how you see it on TV or how it’s usually explained to people. Now, I can’t say that it made me paranoid or anything, but I can say that from what I remember it did make me very confused. My ‘memories’ of the moment I had the concussion are weird and disconnected. I remember falling off of my bike, not hitting my head or anything, and somehow getting home. That’s right. SOMEHOW. I wasn’t exactly far from home when it happened but I don’t remember walking home either. I had some instinct telling me I was hurt but I really didn’t feel much pain.

I remember going into the backyard and telling my father I fell off my bike. He reacted, somehow. Don’t remember much but vagueness with this. Then I was in the bathroom and he was helping me clean up a scraped knee. Also I had lost a fingernail. There was a scrape on my nose as well. He started to somewhat freak out, maybe? I honestly don’t know I do know that whatever happened I was prompted to look in the mirror where I saw a very large lump on my head. I started crying because I was very worried that kids at school would make fun of me and then maybe I passed out? The next memory I have after that is being on the couch downstairs and I was being bothered by a doctor. I don’t even remember much pain, really. I remember severe nausea though.

The point here is that with a concussion, extreme confusion is relatively common. lists the following as post-concussion symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep problems
  • Psychological symptoms such as depressed mood, irritability, and anxiety
  • Cognitive problems involving memory, concentration, and thinking

These also can have some long term effects, not necessarily clearing up right after the concussion is healed. If Lars was hit in the head hard enough to cause his ear drum to rupture it’s very possible that he had a concussion. It was either overlooked, or just something I haven’t seen officially mentioned in the information that I have found. This would more than account for his paranoia, anxiety, and confusion. It could have even led to him running off. After which point I would believe he got hurt, lost, or both and died in the wilderness of exposure.

Among the more bizarre theories are of course government type conspiracies and mafia related conspiracies.

The doctor he went to is involved in human trafficking or organ sales on the black market. While at the Dr office Lars mentions that it sucks that he won’t be able to fly back with his friends, because he will be alone for that period of time. Hearing this the doctor sees an opportunity for a possible victim. After he leaves the office the Dr puts a tail on him through his connections with the human trafficking/organ sales ring he is involved in. When Lars gets back to the place where he will be staying, he notices that he is being followed. Later after a few more odd sightings of men he assumes are following him, he calls his mother in distress. He then makes it to the airport Doctors office, but what he doesn’t know is that the doctor there is also involved in the same nefarious business as the 1st doctor he visited. The 1st doctor, knowing when Lars will be flying out, calls his friend/business associate the airport Dr. and explains the situation at hand. When Lars arrives at the airport, the airport Dr is waiting for him along with a couple other men in uniform. While the Dr is examining Lars he attempts to inject him with some type of sedative as the other men attempt to restrain him. Lars freaks out and is able to escape the examination room. He then flees the airport. Lars now assumes he cannot go to the police, because the 2 men in uniform in the airport doctor’s office were police(or at least dressed like them).I’m guessing there weren’t any security cameras in the office since there is no video from there. Nobody would ask questions if someone came out of the Dr office unconscious on a stretcher with a Dr or EMT walking beside him. The only reason I can think of as to why he didn’t attempt to flag down a car or run to a business of some kind. Is he thought he couldn’t trust anyone at all. This could be because he thought the cops there were involved for some reason. The other option could be that he did get injected with something in the airport Dr office that was affecting his mental capacity. It’s all just theory though, one possibility out of 100s of possibilities.Just a theory, I really have no idea. However a doctor being convicted for involvement in a group of people selling organs on the black market has happened a few times in the last 150 years that I have heard of. There’s probably many more cases that I haven’t heard of, and maybe more that nobody has heard of. The strangest thing I have learned about that industry is that they don’t just sell organs. They also sell different appendages(arms, legs, feet, hands, etc) I couldn’t believe how inexpensive some of the parts were. (Source)

So as much as you’ll get normal theories like a head injury or even mental illness brought on by the head injury (despite no history of mental illness) you’ll get theories like that. The point is that they have very little information. Going by the facebook page it looks like at some point they had thought they located Lars but it turned out to be a false flag. Just like Brandon Sawson, I hardly believe that Lars will ever be heard from again and we pretty much will never figure out what happened. If you happen to know anything then go to the facebook page provided in this article.



  1. Jesus Christ research the story before writing your own. The video footage is from an Bulgarian airport, not German! As he was trying to go back TO Germany.


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