Rob Dyke On YouTube

bb799e3ba61143157297892532224_pic-r-14155241452006e16e7fc71-jpgI guess this is going to be more of a recommendation than a review. Maybe a bit of both. If you aren’t aware of it, there is this amazing youtuber named Rob Dyke which is also the name of his channel. He does some segment called “Why Would You Put That On The Internet” which to be honest I’ve never watched, but I’m sure it’s good. The more important thing I am interested in, is his weird but true stuff.

He has several different series where you can watch these sorts of videos. Twisted Tens, Seriously Strange, Anatomy Of A Murder, things like that. In all of these videos he takes real situations, crimes, events, what have you (that are all weird or creepy) and talks about them. He’s well informed and definitely does his research. Anything that he’s talked about that I’ve found to be kind of “suspect” I’ve been able to find sources for upon looking up the data he was presenting.

Since the episodes (or videos) are so short, it’s incredibly easy to binge watch him. I suppose that I got so interested because I used to be super into a show called Beyond Belief (hosted by Johnathan Frakes) and Rob really has some kind of Frakes channeling going on. Except he’s actually funny instead of being so cheesy it’s funny. Don’t let that deter you from checking out Beyond Belief if you can, it’s a fun show.

I really love Rob’s presentation style, and he just has one of the most epic speaking voices. He always chooses the most interesting subjects and these days I’m surprised to find cold cases or strange things I don’t know about. Being somewhat a hobbiest in that area of knowledge I already know a lot about the ‘strange but true’. Rob has managed to surprise me with new things on dozens of occasions, and even when he has covered topics that I already knew about he did it in an interesting way or he offered up something new.

If you are looking for this type of creepy content on youtube that’s also good (and very easy to binge watch) definitely give Rob’s channel a watch. My only complaint as of now is that I’ve watched basically everything already and have to wait for new content, which is super annoying. One can only hope that one day he gets his own TV show or something.


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