The Possession Experiment (Review)

61przm9tqul-_ac_sl230_The Possession Experiment is a movie about a guy in college who decides he wants to become possessed, for, well an experiment. Hence the title of the movie. Then, since it’s a horror movie, he actually becomes possessed. Yes this is just as bad as it sounds and I’m still not sure why I watched it. Maybe it was because I was bored and I’m a sucker for horror movies that explore the plot of demonic possession. In any case, everyone should probably skip this one. I wish I had. If you want to know more about it just read on, this will not be a spoiler-free review.

The movie opens with a woman named Tracey who is possessed. She filed down her teeth to weird points and they are filming her exorcism. Whatever demon has ahold of her is really strong because she’s able to basically get in people’s heads and make them do things like shoot other people and themselves (if they have a gun). Then she attacks a priest and stabs him to death with a crucifix. The guy who was filming all of this runs out of there before she can do anything to him and films some shit and you can hear a baby maxresdefaultcrying.

Then it cuts to some guy who’s in college, looks to be about 20, is fairly attractive yet some how a ‘nerdy outcast’ because everyone believes that. Anyway, he is in his world religion class and the teacher is talking about possessions. When the class is over he goes to the teacher, professor, whatever and tells him that he wants to do his final project on exorcisms. He asks the teacher if he has some books on it and the teacher seems fine with giving him books and tells him to come by later.

He goes back to his room where his dickbutt roommate is and tells him that he better be fireshot-screen-capture-098-possession-experiment-official-trailer-youtube-www_youtube_com_watch_vlh16puywocmout of the dorm room at/by 10pm because he wants to fuck some chick he’s been dating. Brandon (the nerdy yet attractive main character of the story) agrees and falls asleep at his computer, then ends up being kicked out by the d-bag roommate. He meets some stoner guy named Clay who wants to be his partner on the project after fully admitting he pretty much intends not to be helpful and will do no work. This Clay guy tells Brandon that he’d be getting a lot of pussy if he weren’t such a nerd. I think Brandon would have been getting pussy anyway because he’s attractive. This movie really doesn’t do a good job convincing me that there’s anything really wrong with Brandon. He’s not even super nerdy to be honest. Oh what cause he pays attention in class and wants to get a good grade on his final he’s a nerd? Whatever. By the way this movie was made in 2016 so it’s not even like an attempt at a bad 90’s cliche or trope or something.

Somehow, Brandon finds out about this possession or exorcism (or both) that happened in160717_107 the next town over at some giant abandoned house. He requests the evidence from the case (since it was the murder case I described at the beginning of the movie) and the police are just like “Oh right here you go all this evidence on the case including the footage from the video where everyone died”. You know, because that’s totally something police would do. Hand over that crap to a 20 year old. By the way, who edited this movie? I could have done a better job. Jesus Christ.

Brandon watches the video tape and it cuts off at the end because, no shit, it’s a horror movie. Then his friend Clay was like, “Why do you think it cut off at the end?” I mean really dude? You couldn’t answer that yourself? Camera broke, demonic intervention, guy ran out of tape cause this was in the 90s and it’s an old video camera? Take your pick. It’s at this point that Brandon wants to be possessed by the same demon in the video and then go through a real exorcism because fuck logic.

tumblr_o8vr59h3en1rpxkmvo1_500He sets up a funding page on a website called FUNDME.COM because that’s totally not supposed to be GOFUNDME and the website just HAPPENS to be made up the same exact way but totally isn’t gofundme. He tells people that he wants to record this possession and live stream it and he needs 10,000 for some reason. I really can’t remember why because at this point the acting and editing of this movie is so bad I could give two shits what happens to any of these characters. They also need to ‘hire’ a med student to help them. Not a real doctor though, and you’d think with that kind of money they could. They also get a psychic medium to help them. Then they go to that old possession house and take out a Ouija board. Well they call it that but it’s clearly some homemade piece of garbage. I’m amazed they were legally cleared to call it a Ouija board but not legally cleared to actually use one.

Brandon gets possessed but everyone thinks it was totally faked on the livestream because, to be honest, it looks totally fake. Yet, you just know something’s going to screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-9-29-38-pmhappen cause the movie has like 45 painful minutes left. His mom is mad at him cause he streamed to the internet all this stuff, and his dad is all upset about it too, kinda. Not really. It’s at this moment he decides to tell Brandon that he’s adopted and in a twist that ANYONE could have predicted, surprise surprise, he’s the rescued baby from the beginning of the movie. In an even worse attempt at a twist, the father was the camera guy from that night and has the rest of the film. He chooses to, right then, show it to Brandon so he can see his birth mom being all crazy and getting shot.

Brandon is understandably upset about this, and in a poorly acted fit of rage, he runs out of the house and goes to make out with the med student girl who was helping him from before but she’s all “no we can’t have sex” I guess cause he’s a nerd or something. Then she gets a call that Brandon needs to come home cause “something happened to his mom”.

possession-experimentHe goes home and in another poorly acted fit of emotion scene, his dad tells Brandon his mom is dead. The police for some reason think Brandon has something to do with this even though they have a video of it, which Brandon isn’t in. He wasn’t even in the house when it happened but of course he’s suspect number one. The mom kills herself by (and I’m not joking) ripping her own jaw off. Though the effects for that scene were pretty fucking nifty the idea that anyone could do that, even while demonically possessed, I dunno I don’t buy it. So Brandon is all upset because they decide to show him this video for whatever gay reason and he runs out of there.

He goes back to his dorm room, stabs the shit out of his roommate while he’s on skype or something with his slut girlfriend, then telepathically gets her to kill herself by slamming her face into her desk/keyboard (not sure which) but definitely not the camera because that doesn’t get busted. Then Clay and the med student chick are looking for him and find him and he some how is already in a straight jacket when they do? Honestly don’t ask me I majorly tuned out by this point and started playing a game on my phone. They find a guy who says he can undo the possession but they have to get Brandon back to the house where it happens.

Some how they are able to do that but it turns out the guy is actually like evil or something? And he wanted this to happen? And so he’s all “YAY SATAN IS HERE GO DO YOUR WORK MASTER” to which Satan/Brandon responds by slitting his throat. He then kills other people who are there and attacks med student chick. Now, thankfully because his stoner friend Clay suddenly cares about school work, he has decided to livestream all of this. Which means the police are able to magically trace the IP address in three minutes because that’s totally how doing that works every single time.

Brandon is fighting Clay over the med school chick and literally PUNCHES HIM THROUGH THE MOUTH AND HIS HAND COMES OUT OF THE BACK OF CLAY’S HEAD. Why am I yelling that? Because that’s goddamn more stupid than the mom ripping her own jaw off. That’s even worse than the Bedelia scene in Hannibal when she jams her arm all the way down a guy’s throat and doesn’t at all ruin the guy’s face or teeth. Okay wait no the Bedelia one is less plausible. I guess with enough force you could drive a fist through the back of someone’s skull? Could you? Well between the two situations I’d say the Brandon one is more possible. I digress.

Then the swat team shows up there cause they have traced the IP address. Brandon is choking med school chick at that point. A swat officer comes down the stairs but Brandon telepathically commands the guy to shoot himself in the head and he does. He also takes out other swat officers. The only one he doesn’t decide to take out is the main police officer guy and I want to say his name was Carlos but I’m probably wrong. Then he just gets shot and the movie ends, mostly. The movie actually ends with Brandon standing in one room of the house and his mom (totally normal looking and not possessed) standing in another. Not even sure what that’s supposed to mean.

This movie was awful. Poorly acted, poorly written, poorly filmed, poorly edited. I’m not sure what the fuck I was thinking making it all the way to mostly the end before I picked up my phone and started to play a game and half ass watch it. Just skip this one, even if you think you’ll like it because you are into demonic possession movies, you aren’t and this movie is dumb as hell. I was painfully aware I was watching actors on a screen the entire time it was running. Glad I didn’t have to pay to see it.



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