True Horror: Angie Housman

November, 1993, Missouri. 

angie-housmanA young girl named Angie Housman goes missing. She was last seen getting off of her school bus. Then nothing. It wasn’t until nine days later that they found her body in the woods. She was tied to a tree with tape covering her eyes. It was believed that she died of exposure, as ice chips were found on her body. It was also believed that they found her mere hours after she had died and had they found her before that point, then she could have possibly lived.

There is evidence that over the nine days she was missing she was brutally tortured and starved. According to the medical examiner, he couldn’t find any trace of water or food in her system for those nine days. This murder is still completely unsolved dating right up into the year 2017.


The evidence that law enforcement officials have is a finger print in the duct tape used to bind Angie as well as unspecified DNA evidence. Despite this, they still have not been able to find her killer over the years.

There was a mysterious ‘uncle’ that Angie mentioned to her teacher before she was abducted but no one has been able to locate him, or even figure out who she may have meant. There were also reports of a bearded man hanging around the area but only really sightings of him and no arrests of a man meeting that description pertaining to this case.


While reading about this case I came across a bunch of different message boards discussing what is known about what happened and the evidence that people do have. The theories vary and I think quite a few of them make sense. People claim that this must have been the man’s first kill, because putting tape over her eyes signifies the remorse of what he was doing. He also didn’t want to kill her himself but he knew that he wanted her to die, hence, leaving her body out where it was going to be exposed to the elements.

Other people think that this man was just a very sadistic bastard. That he didn’t so much see Angie as a person but an object. Nine days without food or water would not only render a child delusional but it would also pretty much leave them comatose. It is theorized that he believed she was dead and left her out in the woods (when she was merely comatose) but that would really defeat the purpose of tying her to a tree. Why tie her at all if he believed her to be dead?

Some discussion I saw mentioned the police said gaff tape instead of duct tape (I haven’t seen that myself so I don’t know where that is from). If it is gaff tape, they reckon that since that stuff is very expensive and people just really wouldn’t have it on hand, they should start to check out who may have purchased such an item, or check local theaters and other places that would stock gaff tape. I’m not sure that’s even accurate information.

The medical examiners decree that she “Didn’t appear to have been given food or water” is odd, considering she survive nine days without it. An adult can’t go more than three days without water (even if they can go three weeks without food). Dehydration will kill you faster than starvation will, so it’s under scrutiny how the medical examiner came to this conclusion and how correct it could possibly be. I did see the theory that the killer was giving her just enough to barely keep her alive, which would have left maybe no trace of it by the time she was found, but that’s only a theory.

Whatever happened to Angie, is one of the most horrific things I’ve ever heard. I’ve not included every detail I’ve read myself (because it’s awful). If you’d like to know more about this case and the more gruesome details you can follow this link to an in depth reddit discussion about it. One would hope that either this killer has long since died or has been brought to justice in some other form, but there’s really no way of ever knowing.


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