Is FannibalFest The New Dashcon?

Lets just boil this down into a TL;DR summary of why FannibalFest is eventually destined to fail. This is a convention by Hannibal fans for fans of Hannibal. It’s a real thing. Check out their website it’ll take you to their kickstarter. In any case here’s why it will never come together the way they want it to:

  1. Their initial start-up costs are 10,000 something dollars. None of this is to secure or promise a celebrity guest at the convention. It’s mostly for very basic things that they could get for far cheaper if they could manage money better.
  2. This is the first convention they’ve ever done and they are trying to go too far over the top with events they want at the convention. The money they will likely get for a first time convention is not nearly what they actually need to do what they are trying to promise.
  3. Even if they get their initial fees, they will be forced to return to Kickstarter after that point to beg for thousands more. Per celebrity guest. They don’t seem to realize that appearance fees, travel, and food all go into the cost of hosting a guest for a convention.
  4. They are trying to be a non-profit organization. I suppose that’s admirable but conventions rarely make money upon start up and what they should be doing is using any profit they do get to secure another convention.
  5. They are trying to have a convention with a near dead fandom and audience (most of which is outside of the country they are trying to have the convention in)
  6. They all live in the US but are having this convention in Toronto, making it even harder for US fans who want to get there.
  7. This convention will also be in November of this year, only a few months after Fan Expo which more people will spend their money on anyway and will definitely have guests (it’s also a better convention and has more fandoms than just Hannibal).
  8. Their twitter account only has about 260 followers. Even with the one endorsement by Bryan Fuller via twitter they still didn’t generate that much interest.
  9. They claim to register any artist as a fan artist that wants to be on their list but only actually list fan artists that are their friends or on their own staff.
  10. Considering how poorly they are budgeted now, it’s likely they are funneling money to keep for themselves, despite claiming they want to be non-profit. Remember, non-profit doesn’t mean the owner of the business cannot profit from it, they just need to be careful how they use the money. Example: The head of the convention can claim that she needed funds from the non-profit to pay for her house because she runs her business out of her house therefore it is part of the business. Also, she can claim travel expenses, food, meals, and various other luxury items are necessary to run her new non-profit business, and decide what her own salary will be. It’s an easy scam if you can pull it off and completely legal.

So these are pretty much just scratching the surface of what is wrong with the convention and why it will fail. Dead fandom, poor money management (that’s also potentially a scam), and very little idea how to actually run a convention. Don’t call me a hater, because I would LOVE for this to happen so I can go to it (Toronto is a day trip for me) but it won’t so…it was fun while it lasted.


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