I have moved BUT am still Here?

The reason that this place isn’t getting updated isn’t because I stopped it’s because I moved to my own domain and it’s really annoying to host it on WordPress because for one, they don’t allow monetization but for two, it’s really hard to customize the content, HTML, and other things. They also won’t allow you to embed your own videos which is fucking shitty. You’d think for their hosting fee you’d get better control over your own blog but whatever. So I have my own domain and it’s EpsilonLayLay.online. I have been updating there and you can also subscribe there for updates. However, since people do not usually want to do that I will eventually just be posting the content here and on my domain name because it’s all just a matter of copy and paste.

I also am on social media (yay) so find me if you dare:


I might get on instagram at some point but I don’t know. As always you can check me out on my YOUTUBE channel as well which is now getting way more regular updates than this blog is. I appreciate all the followers I have here which is why I’m willing to cross-post content even if it’s also kind of a pain in my ass to do. Thanks for your support and I hope to see you all around in other places if you choose to follow me there.


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