Reasons Hannibal Will Never Have A Season 4

You’d think the answer to this would be obvious, so obvious in fact that the people who keep harassing Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix would realize it and stop being spoiled brats about it. Except, they won’t stop doing it because they have been deluded into some weird universe where if they whine enough they’ll get their way. However, there are many various reasons based from fact to educated guesses as to why Hannibal will not be returning for a season four. At least not something official or on network TV. I do believe there is a slight possibility of maybe having one movie (two hours or less) to “finish” things up but nothing more than that.

The series was canceled due to low ratings

This reason right here, is the number one reason why. So, what does this mean? It means that if the show was canceled because no one was watching it then after two years of it not being on the air, even less people care about it than at the point when they decided to cancel it because no one was watching it. So few people were watching it, in fact, that Amazon (which at the time held the rights to the show) declined to pick it up. They cited that there was no money to be made in producing or buying a season four because there was no real profit margin to make up for the cost of production. A cost which would be in the millions for each episode, seeing as how Hannibal had to have the most designer suits and accessories for every scene. They were even auctioning off everything that wasn’t nailed down from seasons 1-3 to try to cover for some of their losses. Fuller even undersold the rights to air the show which probably didn’t help. Past the first season, interest had already severely dwindled. Enough that NBC decided to shove it into a “death time slot” to try to kill it entirely. It worked. If only a couple thousand people are interested in a TV show, enough to actually watch a fourth season, then it is not in a companies best interest to pay for production and pay for the rights to air or stream it since they will not get back the money they made for their investment.

The SJW Backlash Would Be Staggering

What does this mean? Well lets take a look at what season four would have to contain in order to actually further the plot and head them into the era of Red Dragon. Buffalo Bill. Remember him? The guy who believed himself to be transgender (but wasn’t) so he would kidnap girls, starve them, and kill them in order to make a suit out of their skin. As much as that personally doesn’t bug me (or a lot of people) this would bug SJWs. there is no way that anyone can portray this killer to please SJWs who would scream that it was transphobia right off the bat.

You have the option of making him actually transgender to “update” the story but that ruins canon because he wasn’t transgender. Hannibal explains why in the book and even in the movie to some extent. This would ultimately enraged the SJWs and the transtrenders because “OMG HOW DARE YOU PORTRAY TRANS PEOPLE AS BEING PSYCHOTIC MURDERERS WHO MAKE HUMAN SKIN SUITS?” can’t win with that.

Next, you have the option of portraying him as he is in the book and not as transgender just really mentally disturbed. This would be seen as transphobic because you’d be implying that transgenderism doesn’t exist and people who believe they have it are just mentally ill murderers.

Considering Bryan Fuller’s history of bending over backwards to please SJWs, he’d never be able to find a way to actually write this storyline. He already struggled severely with the Dolaryhyde storyline. He minimized the sexual assault aspect as much as possible to not offend feminist viewers, and he changed the canon death of a character to an innocent male character to not offend feminist viewers. As such, you know he’d have to be far more gentle with the trans people which means Buffalo Bill would not be able to be included in season four, which would make no sense since it’s Silence of The Lambs Era.

He Can’t Get The Rights To Clarice Starling

He hasn’t been able to since the first season. The rights Bryan Fuller actually has are the rights to use the characters (any of them) That originated in the book Red Dragon. These characters are, Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Freddy Lounds, Jack Crawford, Molly Graham, Dolarhyde, Frederick Chilton, Alana Bloom…well you get the picture. Clarice Starling was years after Will Graham and didn’t appear in Red Dragon. If he can’t get the rights to Clarice then he isn’t allowed to have anyone portray her.

Despite his numerous claims of wanting to get Ellen Page to play Clarice because she’s a lesbian (or something arbitrary like that) he wouldn’t be allowed to do it anyway. The rights to Clarice were sold to LIFETIME and they aren’t selling or giving them to Fuller to use and it doesn’t seem with his history and how he wrote the show, it’ll be happening any time soon. This would leave him to either have Will also investigate Buffalo Bill (Which he’d never actually write and can’t do since Will is allegedly on the lam after having married Hannibal, yes you read that right) so how is Will going to come back to investigate anything. This would lead to him having to invent a character similar to Clarice to investigate stuff. Of course, fans of the source material would be going, “What the fuck?” and it would never work.

The Actor’s Contracts Expired In July of 2015

It’s getting close to two years of which the original cast has not been under contract to do anything for the show. This means that even if Fuller really wants to do a season four, if his actors don’t want to do it then he’s screwed. Because Mads and Hugh are so popular with the fannibals he can’t possibly recast them (or do the show with just one of them). Mads has stated that he would do a season four but he has also stated things to contradict this. For one, he’s stated that he didn’t like filming TV because the schedule took him too far away from his family and for too long. He also said that he has taken so many acting roles over his career because he doesn’t like to be typecast, it gets boring. At first I believed that he might do it if Hugh did it and he was asked, but it seems that Hugh can’t even convince him to appear at Red Dragon Con again, let alone film an entire new season for this show. Mads is drained out. He hasn’t made a convention appearance specifically for Hannibal in a while, and the last few appearances he did make, he looked deeply disturbed by Fannibals and completely dead inside in all of the photo ops. I think it’s safe to say he’s sick of that fandom. Especially of them showing up to events that have nothing to do with Hannibal to ask him questions about Hannibal. I don’t think Mads wants to do the show, even if he could.

The other actors are moving on as well, to an extent. Lara Jean Chorostecki (Freddie Lounds) has been getting regular work and more exposure. Same with Hugh Dancy and his show The Path. Even Kacey Rohl (Abigail Hobbs), as shit of an actress as she is, has moved on. Laurence Fishburne, who played Jack Crawford? They had to fight to get him back in season three because he wanted to quit. Contract negotiations took the most time on him because he thought the show had no future (which he was right about) and didn’t want to come back. You kind of need a Jack Crawford to do a TV show about Hannibal.

He is unlikely to get most of his original cast back and if he doesn’t, the Fannibals will rip his throat out for a recast, trust me, so from that standpoint, the project is already killed. Potentially I could see them doing a movie together, or not including characters like Abigail or Freddie, but they’d still be pretty screwed otherwise.

Literally none of his other shows ever have returned

Even though he promised additional seasons for other shows and to return to projects, he never actually did. The most he did was give Pushing Daisies fans a movie to “complete the series” and from what I’ve heard it was only 50/50 well received by people. Maybe even less, which is probably why no one has really heard of this movie other than fans of that show. A show which had one season officially and was canceled in season two.

Every show he gets canceled he super duper pinky swears that he’s going to come back and finish but he never has. Not to mention the fact that he’s had more shows never make it to air than he’s had make it on the air because they have gotten scrapped at the last minute, and he’s also currently working on American Gods and obsessed with the naked men he’s allowed to have bouncing around on there and how much gay sex he’s allowed to shove in the show. Hannibal couldn’t show graphic gay sex since it was on NBC and at this point I’m fairly sure that the cast is so sick of Hannigram even in a movie they wouldn’t be getting a graphic gay sex scene.

There you have it, several real reasons why Hannibal will not return for a complete season four. Though the fans are adamant that they can make it happen if they harass the shit out of Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon for a few years…

They aren’t going to see the season they want. As you can see, even with this dedicated twitter account (which only had a little over 1500 followers) they can’t get notes or speed behind any of their campaigns. This will leave the companies a very good idea of how little interest anyone has in the show and just like the number one reason (the show being canceled due to low ratings) this ensures once and for all, Hannibal is just not coming back for a full season four. Hopefully not for a movie either but, that remains to be seen. These fans seem crazy enough to devote their life savings to a movie where they can see Hannibal and Will have sex because they are psychotically obsessed with that whole plot.


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