True Horror: The Delphi Murders

On February 13th, 2017, two young girls, Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, were murdered in the small town of Delphi, Indiana. Initially, they were reported missing and it was the same day that an interesting photo was posted by Libby to her snapchat. A photo of the most likely suspect and alleged murderer in the case who has yet to be identified.

There is still minimal information actually around about the murders but the photo (as well as some audio) of the man has been released to hopefully help identify the suspect (eventually). As of now, there are no clear leads or signs indicating who he is.

On the day of the murders, Libby and Abby were dropped off to go hiking near the Monon High Bridge and as the photos on the snapchat indicate, they decided to cross the bridge as well. At some point, they neared a man who was obviously suspicious enough that after passing him (and him catching up to them) Libby decided to take out her phone and start filming.


One of the images posted to Libby’s snapchat account the same day

Delphi is a very small town with a small population. A place where everyone seemingly knows everybody. However, despite this fact, there seems to have been very little progress finding the suspect, even after releasing video and audio. As much as there is a picture of the suspect that was pulled from the video that Libby took, it’s not the clearest and the lack of such clarity makes it hard to see many distinguishing features on the man, other than what his hair color may be and the clothing he was wearing.

Picture of the Delphi Murder Suspect

Theories range from a drifter who was just in the area, to a local who knew the area well. Considering the path he took Libby and Abby on to where he would have murdered them, it is speculated that he’d have to know the area well and be a local. However, there’s nothing permitting a man just from hanging around the area for a few days and hoping for potential victims, then getting the hell out of there after the act was committed.

Theory taken from Reddit User KBroaster:

You really have to ask the following questions, imo:

  • How did BG (bridge guy) know the girls were on the trail? You just don’t walk around with a murder kit on a trail hoping to have some victims walk your way, do you?
    • Most likely scenarios, imo:
      • He drove by and saw them getting dropped off
      • Was on a adjacent property and spotted them
      • Access to some sort of trail cam? (Would have to be local and have access to someone’s property by the bridge)
      • Was on the trail and spotted them
  • Then, after he “spotted” them, imo, this is when he springs into action.
    • He gets his gun and murder kit (access to a car or property for these items)
    • Follows and hunts them down towards the end of the bridge
  • And here is why I think it’s a local or someone who has local access to a property in the area:
    • The navigation to the murder spot. If you look on a elevation map, it’s an extremely flat part in a hilly area. You just don’t stumble across this type of landmark. This is someone who feels comfortable in these woods.
    • Look at the map of the area and you’ll see that Ron Logan’s property is in a perfect spot to pull something like this off. Doesn’t mean that was him or someone on his property that did it, I’m just stating what seems to be the most obvious just from my perspective.,+IN+46923/@40.5913431,-86.6455829,1354m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x881309e3541d5d2b:0xf17e204b5559ad82!8m2!3d40.5875371!4d-86.6750059

(Ron Logan’s property is the same side and closest to the cemetery)

So if you go through the aforementioned points, it makes sense to me that this is someone who had access to the area, had been planning to do something of this nature for some time and then finally got their opportunity.

The reason why I share this is it seems like the most probable theory around and if it is the case then they have yet to figure it out. Ron Logan, the property owner, was arrested on unrelated charges but he looks nothing like the man in the photo (even with how grainy it is) the man in the photo looks to be much younger. In any case, even after the few months since the event, there seem to be no additional leads. It’s bizarre how hard it is to find a man that the FBI literally have video and audio evidence of. Hopefully they catch up to him sooner rather than later but I am not holding my breath.



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