The Haserot Angel

The Haserot Angel is located in Lakeview Cemetary in Cleveland, Ohio. Of course, many people say many things about this cemetery. Having been there 8 million times (slight exaggeration) I personally haven’t noticed any ghosts or whatever but I can tell you that this statue, is one of the freakiest things ever. Not only is it gigantic, it looks like it’s crying.

If memory serves correctly, the reason it looks that way is because of the metal it’s made out of (or the metal it’s coated with?) but over the years it reacted with water falling on it, giving it the streaks, black eyes, and appearance of crying. Whether it’s haunted or possessed or whatever, I can’t tell you. Mostly because I’m a firm believer that if this Angel was going to get up and do anything, it would do so at night. What it holds in its hands is a torch and it’s upside-down. This is to indicate the snuffing out of life. It’s not a kind angel or a peaceful angel, it’s literally the angel of death. It’s called the Haserot Angel because it’s the grave marker for the Haserot family. You can read more information about it here. I just wanted to post the cool pictures I took, including a very awesome panoramic. Enjoy!

Panoramic Shot

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