How Serious Is This Blog?

Well, serious in the way that when I debunk something or talk about true crime I research it extensively. However, when it comes to movie, game, and other reviews how seriously do I take myself? Not much. I mean, I made this whole blog to have fun. Not to be some sort of expert award-winning critic. I like games that people hate. I like movies people hate. I hate things that seem universally liked. I am aware of this and it’s why I don’t take myself too seriously.

This is in reference to a comment I got the other day which made me laugh as I rolled my eyes in annoyance at the pretentious ass nature of this moron who came here to bash Cinemasins, white knight for Vincent D’onofrio, scold me, and then have the gall to say that it was all to “help me out”. Take a look.

I think it’s extremely disrespectful and childish of you to be reinforcing CinemaSins crude, malicious sense of “humor” by mocking the name of the actor just because you didn’t like a movie the actor happened to play a character in.

It’s Vincent D’onofrio. The character is Priest Burke. (I neither recall nor care about the character’s first name, as the movie *was* terribly lackluster.) Mocking the actor is not clever. If you had a snappy quip for the movie or a character in it, that’d be aces, but this behavior is just unfortunate.

I bother to mention this purely because you seem to take this review thing fairly seriously. It’s unprofessional to be that disrespectful, and I want you to have a chance to notice that, so you can grow. Good luck out there.

First of all, CinemaSins is fucking awesome and whoever this is can go fuck themselves and learn to take a joke. Does anyone have any idea how many of my favorite movies CinemaSins has mocked? Basically all of them at this point. I LOVE the Saw movies I think that’s clear from my epic review of all 6 of the movies (ignoring the 7th) and crying when I met Costas Mandylor who played Mark Hoffman. So far, CinemaSins has done the first Saw movie and the second. Guess what? IT IS FUCKING HILARIOUS! Though I could be a nitpicky asshole like this commenter, instead what I do is accept the fact that as much as I love those movies, they have flaws. Is Cinemasins misinformed about those movies? Yeah sure, a lot of questions they pose could be answered if they watched all of the movies. But so what? 98% of the rest of it are completely true observations that are pretty laugh worthy considering how serious the movies are supposed to be. Besides, if their humor is so crude….stop watching them? What the fuck does it matter, dude?

Also, I don’t like the actor as well as the entire movie. Even actors I do like I’ll mock, it’s usually in a good-natured way. Like how fucking pointy Mads Mikkelsen’s cheekbones are. Love the dude to death but he could cut through glass with those things. I love Lara Jean Chorostecki (Hannibal) but she has a pretty massive jawline, something I find very attractive but am not unaware of. I mean I can even see the jokes about my much beloved Costas Mandylor (And yes people make them) and they also make me laugh. When did we get to a point we can’t joke about or mock things we hate (or love) just for a good chuckle or two?

I think I had a few snappy quips in that article, honestly. Here’s another comment left on the same review:

Your description of this pitiful movie coincides with my thoughts word to word, 100 %. It is also the best movie summary I have ever read in my life, and I am still laughing.

Oh wait I get it because my sense of humor doesn’t match yours it’s bad and pitiful and whatever the fuck right? if a joke offends YOU then that’s the more important part, isn’t it? I forgot that’s how society works now. I shall promptly delete all my reviews and hire you as an editor so I know what’s funny and what isn’t from now on. (Most of that was sarcasm but if this person happens to come back to read it, I think they need to be told that considering that they also don’t get my brand of humor).

Then they get to the part where they feel the need to justify their crap opinion by telling me that it’s obvious or something that I take this pretty seriously. Since fucking when? Have they read any of my other reviews? Though when I do like a movie I really overly fucking praise it, I still don’t take it that seriously. This blog here is for me to have fun, make dumb jokes that make me laugh, if other people happen to like it then hey, all the better.

Now, I suppose someone could claim I’m all “butt hurt” cause I wrote this whole thing. The truth is, that I’m not. I do find it funny, I don’t care if they like my sense of humor or not, but the reason I’m posting this is, well…I started thinking. How much do people think I take myself seriously? How much do people think that I am trying to be some sort of dictator of good and bad horror? Do people really think that I am so demanding and adamant in my stance on horror that I believe I’m an expert?

Well, here it is. I am not an expert, this is not a serious blog, I have a very stupid, dark, and a lot of the time crude sense of humor. I don’t think I’m an expert, I have strong opinions (and I tend to think my opinions are correct just like everyone else) and anything I can back up with a fact I will. That’s about it. If you have been taking this blog REALLY REALLY seriously, there isn’t a reason to because if you do, you’re going to sound like butthurt Vincent DonutFrito’s fan up there and you really don’t want that now, do you?



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