10 Horror Movies On Netflicks (Now)

Netflix mostly has a bunch of shit horror movies, no seriously. I’m always trying to find other options and sites to watch horror on. When it comes to horror, Netflicks seems to shit its pants and through money at mainstream or really bad indie and there’s usually not a middle ground. That being said, there are still 10 movies I would recommend that you can watch on there now. I will also be giving the movie a rating so you know HOW good it is instead of trying to pretend they are all magnificent. This, of course, is as of this posting date so depending on when you see this, well, things may have changed. This is also Netflicks US so sorry if you live in Canada or the UK.

One: Clown
Rating: Pretty Good
Summary: Dude needs a clown for his kid’s birthday because his kid is totally the only kid left on earth that still likes clowns. He finds a clown suit but it’s cursed. Slowly he finds that he can’t remove it and his life is fucked.
Notes: Now, this is a movie I already reviewed and though I’m still very sure that it was completely inspired by an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (called the clowning) I still somehow actually liked this one? It was good. I gave it a favorable review. It’s not the best thing I ever saw but I think the premise may be offputting to a lot of people, especially if they are familiar with ATHF and that specific episode. Even the trailer is reminiscent of that episode. I still think it’s worth a watch and I was blown away by the special effects of the clown suit. I would say that if you are afraid of clowns (most people are) this one is worth a go despite some of the major plot holes of the movie.

Two: The Rite
Rating: Great (if you like demon possession stuff)
Summary: The Catholic church is not too keen on authorizing real exorcisms any longer, and when they do recognize a possession as authentic it’s rare. A priest (played by Anthony Hopkins) takes people in to do exorcisms despite the wishes of the church. As you can imagine, it turns out badly for him.
Notes: I know that people didn’t generally like this one. I think it’s great. I think that Hopkins gives an amazing performance. I like the subject matter but then again, I’ve always been a sucker for demonic possession movies and priests and things like that. It’s hard for me to always deduce what’s a good movie (in this specific genre) or if I just like it cause it deals with catholicism and exorcism. Still, you can’t really go wrong with Hopkins in a horror movie, right? Give it a chance.

Three: The Babadook
Rating: Awesome
Summary: There is something going on with a woman and her child. There is a monster called the Babadook that is haunting their every waking hour. Or is it really a monster? Maybe it’s something else?
Notes: A lot of people called this one crap because a lot of it relies on your own imagination and things being implied. It doesn’t spoon feed the entire plot to you and it’s far more psychological horror than it is in your face monster movie horror. I think a lot of people expected to see a monster or for it to mostly be about a monster, a tangible, real, actual monster and it isn’t. I personally loved this movie. The acting of the least woman alone is worth seeing. Whatever you’ve heard about it, don’t let it deter you because I would say it’s worth the watch.

Four: V/H/S
Rating: Very Good (Can be hit or miss)
Summary: Some people are sent to a house to retrieve a VHS tape for some money. As it turns out this house is full of freaky ass VHS tapes with no context behind them and they aren’t as alone in the house as they were told they would be.
Notes: I did do a full review on this one but it has a lot of spoilers so read that at your own risk. I will say (without spoilers) that it’s a pretty great movie. Now, the movie exists in “segments” and each tape that the guys watch is not at all related to the last tape. Nothing about the tapes connects. The overall “plot” they try to have (of the guys going to the house and not really being alone in there) doesn’t work either. However, the segments in the actual film (as hit and miss as they are) really fucking HIT YOU when they do hit. Even the “miss” ones aren’t terrible. I would say to check it out because you will at least find ONE segment that will freak you out.

Five: Come Back To Me
Rating: Way Better Than Expected (not perfect)
Summary: A woman has repeated weird and almost “blackout” experiences and finds out that it has something to do with her neighbor’s son.
Notes: Okay let me just say that this movie can be a bit slow and horribly acted in a lot of different parts. Why am I recommending it? Well despite that whole thing it’s not that bad. The entire reason why I would recommend it has to do with the fact that the ending is not one you see coming. At all. You think that it’s leading to a certain conclusion because it kind of leads you right down that path and you wanna roll your eyes and go “well I know how this will end”. It doesn’t end that way. At all. Even though there were certain points where I watched this and thought “why the hell am I still watching this?” for me, the ending, was so different from what I expected I somehow find it a “good” movie but it’s certainly not AMAZING. I’d recommend it.

Six: Hellraiser
Summary: Really? You don’t know this one? Well, it’s about a puzzle box that people seek out for “reasons” and it totally opens a nightmarish world of demons and weirdness. Not going to say anymore.
Notes: Probably most of the people who would read something like this would know about this movie. However, this isn’t a list of obscure movies. It’s a list of movies that are on Netflix and are good since Netflicks is shit at choosing what horror movies to stream. Hellraiser is on there. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. At some points, the effects can be cheesy but it still remains one of my favorite horror movies of all damn time and there’s a reason for that. If you haven’t seen it in a while, go watch it before they remove it, and if you are a fan, watch it again because fuck yeah Hellraiser, right?

Seven: Children Of The Corn
Rating: Crazy Good
Summary: Some people are driving through some backwoods hick town and find that it’s been taken over by a really deadly (and religious) cult of children. Based on the short story by Stephen King.
Notes: I seriously don’t know when they put this on Netflicks cause it’s usually not on there but go watch it while you can. I haven’t seen it in ages (even if I have seen it multiple times) and I really like it. It can be cheesy and it can be stupid but it’s still a horror classic and it’s still quite chilling. You also have to remember it was made in like, the 80’s, so there’s come campy qualities that come along with any horror movie from that time period. That’s what makes them GOOD. At least for me.

Eight: Wes Craven’s A New Nightmare
Summary: It’s the ten year anniversary of the first Nightmare On Elm Street movie and somethings up with the star, Heather Langenkamp and her son and family. Freddy has returned in a weird new way.
Notes: Yes, the original Nightmare On Elm Street is up there. Yes, I love that one too. However, I think people overlook this one for whatever reason. I really like it. The first time I saw it, it was an entirely new concept and it completely breaks the fourth wall. I know that for a lot of people Freddy isn’t completely scary he’s kind of cheesy but that’s why I like him. I like that at the 10-year point Robert Englund and Heather seem to have embraced their original starring roles to do this movie and if you are a fan of the overall series it’s great. Even if you are merely just a casual watcher I’d recommend it. Also I met Robert Englund a few years ago and he’s a kick-ass dude.

Nine: The Shining
Rating: Fuck Me This is AWESOME
Summary: A writer totally goes batshit insane when he becomes the caretaker of a hotel over the winter.
Notes: I mean, I am pretty sure everyone has seen this. Even people who hate horror? Or at least they know about it. It’s Kubrik, it’s a masterpiece, it has Jack Nicholson, and some of the most iconic imagery, dialogue, and cinematogrophy of all time. It must be a recent addition to Netflicks because I’ve never noticed it before but it won’t stay long. If you haven’t seen it or haven’t seen it in a while, go see it before it flies away.

Ten: The Den
Rating: Really GOOD (until the end WAY better than Unfriended)
Summary: A girl is trying to get funding to undertake a psychology experiment. One that aims to connect with people online/social media and why there may be a preference for people to develop relationships this way. It doesn’t end well for her.
Notes: I really liked this one. Considering it mostly takes place on the “screen of a mac” and you watching a girl do stuff like skype calls and video chat it could be a lot worse but it isn’t. The lead actress is amazing and so are the few others that get included in this movie. It is “Found Footage” but totally worth the watch. That is until the end where it devolves into some of the most high-level “I can’t believe this shit” stuff imaginable but I still would say to go see it. It’s also far more tolerable than that stupid movie Unfriended even with the bad ending.

And there you have it, a list of decent to AMAZING horror movies you can watch on Netflix right now. They have a ton of other horror movies but they are mostly either crap (or I have yet to see them and can’t comment yet). Usually when I am watching a horror movie I am going to a site where it’s technically not as legal as it should be to stream them. You all know what I’m talking about. However, if you prefer to avoid those types of sites, here’s something legitimate that you pay for and some decent quality movies to watch, some of them I’m sure you didn’t expect (or even thought to give a chance in the first place).


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