7 Creepy Ass YouTube Videos

Here I have decided to make a list of videos on youtube that I personally find creepy. Though I’m sure the vast majority of them are hoaxes (because no shit) it doesn’t mean they don’t have good production value, entertainment value, or scare value. Some of them will make you go WTF. Some of them are kind of graphic. I suppose some of them are even really well known and I’ll get laughed at for finding them creepy but I don’t care. I’m recommending them anyway because I can.

I couldn’t find one without narration and I’m sure this one has been debunked but just watching it is pretty damn eerie. 
This one has yet to be officially debunked but from what I read it’s most likely a short film by a horror director who has done something like this before. When reached for comment he would neither confirm nor deny he made this video. Fake or real it’s pretty well done.

Most people know the story of Elisa Lam at this point. I believe that her death was entirely accidental after reviewing a bunch of evidence and facts that people overlook. However, accidental and explainable or not, this is still very creepy to watch as it is the last known footage of her alive.

The Backwater Gospel is an animated short which shows some powerful and brutal imagery. I discovered this a few years ago thanks to a friend linking me to it and it’s just amazing. A very well told story about what kind of destruction religious beliefs can cause.

This is known as the WKCR Hijacking. It seems to be completely authentic. However, WKCR is a college radio station and there’s a good chance that this was just a bunch of performance artists hijacking it for a performance piece. Not much is known about it otherwise. Fake or not it’s pretty damn chilling to listen to.

Art Bell’s Radio show Area 51 caller. This one is probably a hoax but you have to admit that it’s weird that the entire broadcasting signal went down completely as this man spoke. Read more about this one here if you want (it’s a good story but most likely just a great actor playing a prank)

This is allegedly “real” CCTV footage of a Chinese woman being possessed by demons at a store. At first, it seems she’s just having a seizure but then near the end, some weirdness happens. Also, most likely a hoax because there is no reason for CCTV footage to also have audio but still it’s pretty neat.

There you have it, some pretty cool/creepy videos to watch that are also on YouTube. Some of them might be disturbing? Only Backwater Gospel is the really “graphic” one but it’s also animated violence and I wouldn’t say it’s that bad? The Elisa Lam one is disturbing just because it’s real footage and we all know it’s not a hoax. The rest are just things that you’ll have to figure out for yourself.


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