Top Ten Favorite Creepypastas

Everyone loves Creepypasta right? It’s like the new Urban legends but on the internet. Awesome. So, I thought I would present here my favorite Creepypastas for people to enjoy. Chances are you’ve heard of a lot of them but maybe not, and if not, I hope you find something new that you enjoy!

Number One: Psychosis

This one I first read when I was living alone and given the fact that it’s about a guy living alone it really creeped me out and gave me a lot to think about. It’s on the longer side but it’s well worth the read and it’s stuck with me all this time.

Number Two: No End House

I think that this one is fairly well known but it’s one of the best pastas around. A guy hears that there is a house and if you go through every room you will get 500$ at the end. A really creepy and haunted house, of course. There are a lot of theories as to what this pasta could be about (But I don’t want to spoil anything). I absolutely love it.

Number Three: Bad Dream

This one is short, sweet, and straight to the point. I swear to God this one still gives me chills and it’s not even that long of a story. Basically, it’s about a little girl’s nightmare.

Number Four: Kisaragi Station

This was sent to me years ago by a friend and I thought it was great. I’d never heard of it until she sent it to me but as I came to find out it’s a fairly popular one? It’s definitely highly rated. It’s about a girl on a message board who finds herself on an unfamiliar train and as you can imagine, creepy shit starts to happen.

Number Five: The Russian Sleep Experiment 

I figure that everyone knows this one? If not, it’s about an alleged real experiment that took place in Russia a long time ago. The purpose of the experiment was to deprive people of sleep for a very long time to see what might happen to them. The answer is something that I probably didn’t want to know but loved finding out.

Number Six: Squidward’s Suicide

These pastas (today) are done to death but this was one of the first “lost episode” pastas and I actually found it very creepy, I still do. I don’t know, maybe it works best if you are a fan of Spongebob and I kind of am, at least the first few seasons, anyway.

Number Seven: The Strangest Security Tapes I’ve Ever Seen

This one is really good. It’s also kind of science fiction like? I dunno. It’s about a guy who works at a gas station who notices some really strange activity on the security tapes pertaining to an employee named Jeremy.

Number Eight: Die Before You Sleep

This one is not the best written ever and there are some problems with continuity and plot but the idea that it enters into your mind is creepy enough. It’s pretty much about what really happens to people who die in their sleep and how it’s not as peaceful as you think.

Number Nine: I Trained Crows To Bring Me Quarters

I’m not sure if this one qualifies because it actually originated on Reddit but it got a lot of traction and it’s definitely in the creepypasta genre. It explains just as the title suggests but of course somewhere along the way it goes horribly wrong.

Number Ten: Candle Cove

This one is popular enough that a miniseries was made out of it (and the miniseries actually wasn’t that bad). I really liked the pasta and the series on the SyFy network which I recently saw (and would recommend). It’s about some adults talking about an old TV show they watched in the 80s called Candle Cove.

So there you have it, ten of my favorite Creepypastas and general summaries about what they are about. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and continue to. I’ll definitely be on a mission to find more to share but not many of them creep me out or stick with me very long so I don’t have a ton that I’d recommend in the first place. Enjoy!



    • Thanks, I don’t read as much Creepypasta any more because it seems every genius thinks they can write them now and the market got flooded with mostly bad ones so I usually wait until one is recommended to me now instead of browsing.


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