Unsolved Mysteries: Brian Shaffer

March 31st, 2006, a man named Brian Shaffer went missing. He was a college student attending Ohio State Univesity in Columbus Ohio. Around 2am there was CCTV footage of him entering a bar but then there is no footage of him leaving the bar. It was as if he vanished into thin air.

In the last footage of him they have alive they can see him talking to two young girls on an escalator. The girls were found but cleared of any foul play suspicion. At this point in time he’s been missing for nine years. Not a trace of him. One would think if he entered the bar then there would have to be footage of him leaving, but there is none.

Brian had talked about (previously) going to live somewhere tropical. Just run off and go. Start a new life. This was after his mother died. Except, it doesn’t seem like he has done it in this case. One of the more perplexing aspects of this case is the fact that he is a very tall young man. Over six feet tall and physically fit. He was a med student studying to be a doctor.

Columbus has the most security cameras of any city in Ohio, more than Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo combined, officers next looked to the footage from other bars to see if cameras there could explain how Brian had left the Ugly Tuna. However, footage from cameras at three other nearby bars showed no trace of Brian.[7] (Wikipedia) 

Though I don’t deny it’s possible he was killed in the bar and some how transported out at a later point in time, he’s such a large man that anything like that would have been suspicious to do and most likely caught on CCTV footage, if anyone was looking. It would really depend how long he was kept in the bar and if they had stopped looking before the point in which his body had been removed. Police also have said that it’s possible he changed clothes and put on a hat, keeping his head down to avoid cameras picking him up. There was no other public entrance to the Ugly Tuna Saloona so it’s unlikely that he also got out a different way.

In 2008, Randy Shaffer (Father) died during an accident while in a windstorm. There was a message posted allegedly from the Virgin Islands on a condolences board online and it was signed as Brian, it was later found to be a hoax. As late as 2014 police have said they’ve gotten two tips a month about Brian but nothing has panned out. He’s still believed to be alive considering there is absolutely no proof that he’s dead at this point. Maybe he successfully ran off and started a new life somewhere like he said he wanted to do.

If you have any information on Brian follow this link to a website set up by family and friends for tips on his location.


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