7 Days To Die (Review)

This is a review for the video game 7 Days To Die. There aren’t really any spoilers applicable here since the game doesn’t have a storyline. Which I’m fine with. I know a lot of people are upset with that game but honestly, I like it. A lot. It’s not as intricately woven as most zombie horror games and the graphics aren’t intensely good but it’s still fun to play. It’s something that has kept me entertained for hours and something I can mindlessly play while also watching TV or listening to music since there isn’t much you have to pay attention to.

The game is open world and can also be multiplayer. I know that this was originally on Steam and PC but when it made the jump to console is when I bought it. I was at a GameS200px-screamer_closeuptop getting something entirely different and I saw how cheap it was so I added it on, figuring if it was horrible I didn’t spend a lot of money anyway. So far, with as much as I’ve played it, it’s been worth the seven dollars I shelled out.

The game is like a cross between Dead Island and Minecraft pretty much. When it opens, you are given a quick tutorial on how to craft weapons, armor (or clothing), and materials you will use to construct and/or harvest other materials. You wander through the open world trying to find food, shelter, and supplies so you can make more stuff. The zombies only are supposed to come out at night, and that’s when they are mostly a problem, but you can definitely find them lurking around during the day. One of them looks oddly like Samara from The Ring.  That one freaks me out the most only because it screams (it’s literally called a “screamer”) and it’s not easy to find where it is at all times. Then again, I’ve always been creeped out by Samara and the whole ring thing so maybe I’m biased. Yes, she also looks like the Grudge lady. Just take your pick.

The game allows you to collect almost everything and craft almost everything. You can even build your own shelter if you want with their weird blocky system. I prefer to just find a cabin or something and reinforce it to make it a zombie fortress. This game really isn’t for you if you want an in-depth story line or amazing customizable characters. I have put together a list of pros and cons for it (how I see it on the PS4):


  • Open world and it’s a pretty damn big open world
  • Various types of zombies not just the same one duplicated over and over
  • Lots of areas for shelters and to find objects and items you need
  • A ton of different customizable gameplay options to make it easy or really fucking hard if you want
  • The option to add in a controller so someone can play with you on split screen which many games do not include these days leaving you to buy a Playstation Plus Membership
  • You can learn to build nearly anything from mini-bikes to rocket launchers and can customize almost any dwelling in game (or build your own)


  • Game can be pretty damn glitchy at times it’s not really game breaking and makes for some hilarious moments but it can also be super frustrating
  • No option to customize the characters you play you have to choose from a set list of them
  • Lack of storyline or direction, almost any at all. Game might be better if there were more of a purpose than just surviving
  • Graphics aren’t super great (It doesn’t matter much to me but I know other people care about this)
  • Game can be repetitive with buildings and scenery and it’s easy to get lost or lose track of where your stuff is even with the map marker option
  • Annoying when your body heats up far too much and you have to go sit in water to cool down or you’ll die

All in all, I’m glad I bought this game, I’m glad that I played it, and I think it’s worth the price I paid which I said was seven dollars. Would I pay more for it? Absolutely not, but for something that cheap with the hours of entertainment it’s given me? Yeah it’s a fair and decent game. Certainly not for everyone but for people like me it most definitely has its entertainment value.


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