Top 10 Things More Deadly Than Sharks

I just saw the movie 47 Meters Down which reminded me that I made this list. There are many common things these days which cause a lot of deaths per year. Probably more than you think. These things may range from certain types of animals that no one would ever perceive as dangerous to ordinary objects laying around that people don’t consider are or can be deadly. The general rule on this list is that the object (or animal) causes more deaths on average than something like shark attacks (which are very blown out of proportion in the media) or car accidents which pretty much everyone knows about being deadly. This list about the things you don’t consider and may now be forced to take a second look at. Once again there’s no particular order to this list as I’m not into the whole ‘ranking’ idea.

Number One, Cows: Yes you heard right. Cows. They cause more deaths per year than sharks. When people think about deadly animals they think of shark attacks, bear attacks, even mountain lions. I can’t tell you the number of time I got a cross-eyed look for mentioning this. Not only have I worked with cows and know how temperamental they can be, but my statement is backed up by fact. According to this article by the Washington Post, and backed by the CDC about 20 people a year are killed by cows while it’s 1 person for sharks.  Though most of you reading this are likely to not be anywhere near a cow, you may think twice next time you fear going in the water.

Number Two, Vending Machines: You heard that right, not only are deaths regularly reported (when some years we do death free from sharks) there are thousands of injuries as well. From 2002 to 2015 there were 1,730 injuries associated with vending machines which is more than injury by shark (since we are using that guideline). Somewhere along the line that seemed to become the basis for explaining to people that there are more deadly things than sharks. Bet you’ll think twice next time you shake that machine for eating your money.

Number Three, Cans: Soda Cans, soup cans, other types of cans. Apparently, those can be deadly as well. Exactly how, one can only guess. Cuts or infections from cuts probably. I guess there are people dumb enough to swallow cans. In 2015 5 People Died from can related incidents. Unfortunately, the NEISS data doesn’t exactly explain how that works or why the death was caused by a can but, the data is there. Enjoy the next soda you decide to chug, or beer, or anything else you might be drinking or huffing out of a container.

Number Four, Toasters: It is estimated that around 700 people a year are killed in toaster related incidents according to this personal injury website. I guess you can narrow that number down a bit since a lot seem to be fires but electrocution is also in there. The people still dumb enough to think jamming a knife or a fork to get out a piece of bread is a good idea. There are also wires that short circuit and other manufacturing issues that might make you more weary of making breakfast. Might want to throw out your microwave too while you are at it, that made the list right under toaster.

Number Five, Lightning: Okay we all knew this was deadly. However, it’s far more likely you’ll et struck by lightening than killed by a shark. Since sharks are basically still at one person a year on average (with the rare occurance of 6-7 shark attacks on some years) lightning on average every year kills 51 people. Still, as unlikely as it is for it to happen, you can’t get killed by a shark if you aren’t in the water. Lightning plays by it’s own rules so I’d be more cautious about that (and usually am because I have an irrational fear of being struck by lightning for some reason).

Number Six, ants: Yeah a lot of people die from ant attacks on average per year in the US. Seems to be about 30-40 really. This of course, is either going to be the result of a severe allergic reaction to an ant sting or bite (whatever they do now) or the result of being covered in fire ants and them all biting you at once. From what I know, if you are covered by fire ants there is some sort of chemical signal they use to attack all at once and that’s what kills people. Either way, it seems your chance of randomly falling onto an ant hill and dying are a lot higher than falling into the ocean and being mauled.

Number Seven, Beds: Seems weird right? That your bed can kill you? How? Sleep to death? Actually, it seems that accidental suffocation in bed is a thing, and we are talking adults. We are also not talking about autoerotic asphyxiation because believe it or not there is an entirely separate statistic for that. So somehow it seems in 2008 there were 8 people who somehow accidentally suffocated themselves in bed. Have fun trying to sleep after learning that.

Number Eight, Crushed By Reptiles (or Bites): I know that this is phrased weird and it’s really only included because of how it’s phrased on the list I found it on. In the year 2000 this was the cause of death of 31 people in the united states. Obviously, one would think that a bite or something from an alligator would or could be deadly but the one that even I didn’t think of was crushing. Those things are huge and apparently there’s a statistic to back up one of them just laying on top of a person. A bite, as horrific as it may be, seems to be less terrifying than an alligator (or other forms of reptile maybe a giant boa constrictor) crushing you to death, doesn’t it?

Number Nine, Icicles: Of course you really only have to worry about this at certain times of the year and in certain parts of the country (or world) but it seems that up to 1000 people a year are killed by these things. Then again we all know about the idiots who purposefully go and knock those down for various reasons thinking that it’s harmless so we can probably discount a few. Just something to remember next time it’s winter and you are walking under an overpass with a bunch of them hanging down. They are like frozen knives waiting to get you and who knows when they might fall?

Number Ten, Selfies: It should be of no surprise that smartphones don’t make stupid people smarter, in fact they seem to make stupid people even dumber. Not only have people recorded their own crimes on these things but they have caused deaths. Here are the statistics around the world for death by selfie. What I find interesting is it seems that more men die from this thing than women when you’d think women would be the more likely ones to take them while doing something like driving. In 2014 a Polish couple fell off of a cliff to their deaths while trying to take a cool selife, and in front of their kids. I wonder how long it is before we see some sort of selfie while being attacked by a shark statistic floating around out there.

So there you have it, ten things more likely to kill you than sharks. I’m still unsure why, somewhere along the line, people used this as a statistic. As lots of things are more likely to kill you than sharks. A ton of things. Maybe I was just a very logical kid or young adult and realized that shark attacks were rare and people were blowing it out of proportion because it made for good news stories. Either way, if you were afraid of being eaten by a shark as a cause of death, there is really no need to worry. This list explains that even if you manage to avoid a crushing death to get a soda out of the machine, the can you drink it out of could very well kill you anyway, also it’s probably recommended you don’t take a selfie while doing any of this, or retreat to your bed to do it. You’re just asking for trouble at that point.


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