True Horror: One Of My Stalkers Is Back

It all started with a tweet that had nothing to do with this person. Seriously. Even if it did have to do with her (and it didn’t) it really was so vague there was no way she could have said it was about her and have had any proof. This is what I tweeted:

Once again, not about her. Which it wasn’t. Anyway so I barely use that twitter account, mostly because this Celine person (and one of her friends unfortunately named Monica) have gone out of their way to dox me, harass me, threaten me, and impersonate me on twitter. So I rarely use the account and sometimes if I’m at work or just plain old bored I’ll get on there and tweet a few random thoughts I have. Today I got on because I was having a conversation with someone else about something entirely different (wanted to see if he had tweeted) and I see her reply, which was this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.07.58 PM
(Archived Source)

First of all, I haven’t mentioned her (or the other one) publicly or interacted with them in about a year and as I said, my twitter is basically dead other than random tweets once in a blue moon or if I get in a conversation with someone, even then, my replies are fairly spotty. This means that she’s been checking in on a near dead twitter (and other various accounts before this one that were near dead) for over a year waiting for me to say something that she could assume was about her so she could get upset about it.

Now, I’ve talked about this girl before on my other website. If you don’t want to read all of that the general summary of this psychotic obsession with me is as follows:

In 2012 or so, Celine became involved in an argument that had nothing to do with her because she’s so starved for attention she has to insert herself into other people’s drama. After that point (where I totally didn’t even notice her) and things cooled down, I moved on with my life. Celine obviously did not. About a year after that she contacts me on twitter and pretends to be my friend. One day after begging me for 100$ so she could go gamble it (in my favor) and return with 5000$ to me and me telling her there was no way I was going to give a stranger any money to gamble with, she exposed herself as the girl who had been stalking me and sending me anonymous death threats for a year. Then after admitting it she denied the whole thing and blocked me. To which she then started to tweet things like:

Except, this person who she is tweeting was formerly my friend, I was not stalking her, and she already had “dirt” on me mostly because she was the one inventing said dirt. It didn’t stop there because she started to tweet other people until she eventually formed some small little hate group involving my other stalker so they could take it to the next level.

The next level included doxing, death threats, harassment, impersonation, and even harassing my family which Celine at one point mentioned in a tweet (all of them by name). I’m still not entirely sure what all of this is about other than the fact that Celine is psychotic and the other one, Monica, doesn’t like that I cosplay Freddie Lounds since she was part of a cult that was run by a woman who thought she was Freddie Lounds. Read more about that here.

Now, I know it’s counter productive to give stalkers attention but as I’ve said 1000 times before and will keep saying, this girl is so incredibly obsessed with me that I can go a very long time with absolutely no interaction with her and she will STILL come out of the woodwork and try to start shit with me. This tweet proves it. After they got me kicked off of twitter and I came back and I started a new account, which has never mentioned either of them by name and has a total of 295 tweets at this point. That means she hung around for days even weeks at a time hoping for me to say something vague enough she could misconstrue it and pretend it was about her.

So, completely confused as to WHY she thought this was about her I went back to her twitter and I find this:

First of all, I’m not sure how she thought “Reaching out” would be taken anywhere near kindly after what she did to me. Secondly, she said almost a month ago. I made my tweet yesterday as in “current time”. Also from what I can see on her twitter as of now she never mentioned having kidney stones so she just assumed that I knew about her having kidney stones somehow because she’s fucking paranoid or something? Then she says this:

Except, very shortly after this point she tweets me saying she hopes the kidney stones I have hurt like hell. Because she had them, she thinks I somehow knew that she had them, and then decides that publicly she’s going to be “nice” but then about 5 minutes after that point tweet me something very mean, after also claiming she would “totally try to reach out”.

In the end what we have is a case of a bipolar or possibly schizophrenic woman who is legitimately and psychotically obsessed with me. This woman, for years at this point, has gone out of her way to harass me, attempt to terrify me, and at one point her twitter was entirely about me (and this one celebrity she’s insanely obsessed with, even going as far as to stalk her to a filming location to take pictures of her).

Why is this on a horror blog? because it’s fucking horrifying. Though I don’t believe Celine is a real danger to me, given her location, I do believe she’s a danger to others. Especially this Katrina actress that she seems smitten with. Her tumblr blog is full of “LESBIANS ARE AWESOME” stuff and psychotic ramblings. On other forums I have found her described as a troll and a stalker and seen people told repeatedly just to ignore her, signifying that I am not the only one she does this too.

The true horror in all of this is a person this mentally ill is allowed to walk around completely unmonitored. The true horror is that she’s doing this all because of an argument she was originally never a part of and because she decided I was the enemy at some point. She’s obviously infatuated with me and my life and assumes that I am infatuated with her enough to know she had kidney stones a month ago. As I said, I have not really thought about her or even spoken of her in a year until the moment she replied to a tweet that had nothing to do with her.

It very much creeps me out, that this girl is always watching me, even when I think she’s probably stopped because the harassment as stopped. I need to keep in mind that no matter what I do she’s always around because she thinks she needs to be in my life, in some capacity, and that in of itself is terrifying enough. Even if it’s only on the internet.


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