Everything Wrong With Hannibal Season Two

Even though I already did a relatively legitimate review of the second season of Hannibal I decided to follow it up with a list of everything wrong with season two as it’s quicker and easier to read. Also, when you boil it down to a 35 point numbered list it becomes far more glaringly obvious why the show declined so drastically in ratings that year and was ultimately canceled. Obviously, there will be spoilers.

  1. Hannibal being seemingly confused as to why Will is in prison after putting him there in the first place.
  2. Hannibal being able to find another killer who is in love with Will Graham (Matthew Brown)
  3. Hannibal being able to talk this killer into working for him to look like Will is not the killer so Will can be released from prison.
  4. Matthew Brown not only being infatuated with Will but also somehow managing to get a job in the prison where Will is so he can directly interact with Will.
  5. Matthew Brown being so super into Will after the fact that when Will asks him to kill Hannibal he goes and does it.
  6. The show disregards that Matthew worked for Hannibal and then against him with very little questioning.
  7. Will having two men basically in love with him and his alleged murder capabilities that they murder people themselves.
  8. Stealing the plot point from Red Dragon where Freddie writes an article to catch a killer only to use the same plot device in season three. This technically counts against season two since this plot point should have led to her death in this season but they were too lazy to come up with something better. They also used this plot point in season one with Abel Gideon. Basically, Freddie only existed in the show each time to write an article to help bait a killer and sometimes antagonize Will.
  9. Alana suddenly being head over heels in love with Hannibal despite maybe being in love with Will in season one while also saying he was too unstable to be with or something.
  10. No one really believing Will that Hannibal is the Ripper except Freddie but of course no one listening to her.
  11. Abigail still being alive if only for five minutes so they could kill her.
  12. Miriam Lass still being alive.
  13. Miriam being brainwashed against Chilton in order to frame him for being The Ripper.
  14. Hannibal somehow having the time to kidnap Miriam and keep her for years, amputate her arm, care for her after that, drive to a cabin in the middle of nowhere repeatedly to take care of her, and doing the same with Abigail (and/or possibly keeping both or one of them in his basement at all times) while also having the time to brainwash the two of them. While also helping the FBI, hanging out with Will, seeing patients as a doctor, and throwing dinner parties. Either Hannibal never sleeps or he vanishes for long periods of time where no one questions it.
  15. Alana actually believing for five seconds that Chilton could be The Ripper to the point where she also convinces Jack.
  16. Jack buying that Alana thinks Chilton did it despite seemingly agreeing with Will near the beginning of the season that Hannibal had to be the ripper.
  17. The complete and utter disregard for evidence collecting (Ex: When Jack went to Beverly’s funeral thing at Hannibal’s place and took the food intending to test it as if that would hold up in court)
  18. Anyone believing that Chilton could do anything to Miriam Lass when he could barely brainwash an already insane man in season one (Abel Gideon)
  19. Anyone believing even for just a second that Chilton could take down two FBI agents who were obviously armed as they were there to arrest him.
  20. Anyone believing that even if Chilton could do this he would arrange the corpses in his kitchen to I suppose expose himself as the Ripper completely at random.
  21. Miriam Lass able to get the shot she had gotten and actually hit Chilton in a room where the glass should have been bulletproof and the bullet should have hit Alana in the back of the head before it would have ever hit Chilton in the face.
  22. Chilton surviving the shot to the face.
  23. Bryan Fuller naming one of the dogs on the show Applesauce which really isn’t a plot point but it definitely shows how much fan service went into the making of this show.
  24. Murdering a judge in a major murder trial and arranging his body in a courtroom where the highly publicized trial was taking place and no one seeing anything when this happened in order to stop it.
  25. The entire concept of Matthew Brown, seriously, this is the most Deus Ex Machina character that existed in the history of forever and I’m going to have to include it again just for how super and overly convenient to the plot it was.
  26. Bedelia vanishing at just the right time to evade Hannibal but either coming back or being found just at the right time to warn Will about Hannibal.
  27. Will calling Hannibal to warn him that Jack was coming over to his house to do something?
  28. The weird plot point of trying to entrap Hannibal into murder which isn’t actually possible and the idea that this could actually be done by Jack who is supposed to be an FBI director, not just an agent.
  29. Alana calling the police before she enters Hannibal’s house in the finale and the police not showing up until well after all the events taking place
  30. Hannibal walking away from the house covered in blood as the police arrive and no one noticing.
  31. Hannibal somehow getting to Bedelia’s house in the middle of nowhere without a car because it’s highly doubtful he took a cab and there would be no way for him to drive his, Will’s, or Alana’s seeing as how everyone would have noticed that.
  32. Beverly ignoring all of her FBI and forensic training and breaking into Hannibal’s house in an attempt to get evidence because Will asked her to. This would have never held up in court and she of all people should have known that.
  33. Beverly never telling anyone where she was going. Even if she could have gotten viable evidence in that manner, why would she not tell someone where she went? What was the problem? If she had succeeded in it, she’d have had to tell someone anyway even if it was an illegal search. So regardless of if it was against the law or not, there was no reason not to leave a note somewhere. Also, Will of all people knew where she had gone and must have told Jack, but Jack still went ahead with the whole “Chilton has to be the ripper” thing because of what? Alana?
  34. Alana seemingly having no actual problem throwing two people under the bus for little to no reason because I guess Hannibal fucking her was just THAT good.
  35. Hannibal getting on a commercial flight to Italy or wherever and no one trying to stop him. Or recognizing him enough in order to stop him. You need to understand that at the point when he left in such a manner he was a very wanted killer. He had attempted to kill two FBI agents and a woman associated with the FBI as well as a girl who they thought was already dead/missing. His picture wouldn’t have only been all over the news and on social media as him being at large but there would have been an APB set up, TSA would have been informed of him attempting to escape. The police would have more than likely set up blockades of some kind or at least alerted border police that Hannibal may try to flee the country by foot which also means that him driving to Canada or Mexico first in order to fly out from there would have been impossible. Him walking around in public at all would have been near impossible. Nothing about this escape was fucking possible.

These are all of the things I can think of off of the top of my head. The entire episode six sex scene stuff was unnecessary, especially the Wendigo sex thing. Not to mention the weird abortion scene with Mason and his sister, Margot being so baby hungry she had to fuck Will and the fact that Fuller pretty much turned Will into Clarice with a lot of the dialogue changes. This show barely held itself together plotwise and was more of a mess of fan service than it was any sort of plausible.

If we go with canon and how Hannibal should have behaved, well, once Will was in jail and all the heat was off of him, he shouldn’t have cared. The show heavily implied Hannibal was in love with Will. Except season one, Will specifically explains he basically didn’t have human emotions and was more or less a monster, yet Will was a golden boy with two serial killing men on his sweet ass trying to get some hot loving. The Freddie Lounds fake out kill was unnecessary as well and didn’t seem to make sense or really fit into the plot other than to…fuck with Hannibal? Maybe? It didn’t even seem to work seeing as how he figured it out and still got out of there in time anyway (even if his escape was entirely implausible).

The first few episodes, as I said, were decent. There were some great scenes between Bedelia and Hannibal at the start which was full of tension and some epic acting moments. Despite the finale being nonsensical with Abigail’s abrupt return and then death, the acting and fight scene between Jack and Hannibal was magnificent and well choreographed.

There were few actual redeeming moments of season two and there were far more problems than there were solutions. More questions asked than answered. More fan service than a tribute to the actual characters or source material. If you are a fan of the actual source material or even the movies (which aren’t great but far surpass this crap) then I would suggest staying away from this season.

To their credit: the actors were amazing so were the effects and cinematography. The scoring and scenery and everything else was completely on par. Hugh Dancy and Mads did the absolute best with the pile of trash script they were handed but overall it’s just a lot of fancy smoke and mirrors to trick you into believing the show is good instead of actually being a good show, and continuing with a plot line on par with the first season. This is probably why the ratings dropped so drastically and the show was ultimately canceled. If you are interested in the full overview of why the show was canceled you can watch my video on the subject.


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