Terrorized By Fannibals Break-Down

Note: According to yet another bully who also “totally isn’t a fan and doesn’t care” but cared enough to write an essay to call me a liar (even after seeing proof) I have definitively proven once and for all that even confronted with sufficient proof this cult refuses to believe they bully anyone (or are even in the fandom in some instances apparently) so this is yet another reason to be warned. They do not believe they do anything wrong and even confronted with proof they will deny it. Take that as you will.

For the past few months, I have been running a blog on the website, Tumblr, which is where the Fannibals hang out mostly. At least, the heaviest concentration of psychopaths is in that fandom. As such they seem to have nothing but time on their hands to harass me even though I don’t really interact with them nor do I have intent to interact with them. Every so often a hate blog for that fandom goes up because they are disgustingly toxic and bullies. They all refer to themselves as “Family” and if you know anything about Charles Manson and his group you know why this is disturbing given the behavior that this “Family” shows (even if it’s only online).

Though the behavior also threatens to spill over into real life with the high level of celebrity stalkers the fandom has given birth to, so far the celebrities remain safe. I am not sure how long that will be. In any case, I want to fully publicize my stalkers information as it pertains to Tumblr since they in no way hesitate to do the same to me and for no actual reason other than they are obsessed with me. This isn’t every Fannibal, but it’s a vast majority of them. Ever since I attempted to expose a sex cult run by a predator and scam artist in her 40s they have deemed me a troll (despite the massive amount of proof I have against her) and have targeted me for stalking behavior. This has included multiple doxxings, attempting to get me fired from my job, hunting my family down to harass them, harassing phone calls, death threats, suicide bait (Kill yourself messages) and posting my information on craigslist. Yes, all of this over a TV show and my good hearted attempt to expose a sexual predator and scam artist among them who they, to this day, still defend. The following are the biggest and most psychotic offenders.

Monica Morais (Tumblr URL: FannibalMonica)

Monica Morais first came onto the scene about three years aog (maybe more like two) in order to attack me for cosplay? She seemed to not be able to distinguish real life from fantasy and accused me of not being the “Real Freddie Lounds” as justification for her intense hate. This led to her stealing pictures of me, doxxing me, sending me death threats, and posting my phone number on craigslist. This was all in defense of the predatory and scam artist I tried to expose, the woman who ran Tattle-Crime.com. It took two years and getting her twitter and facebook account suspended repeatedly to get her to even consider stopping the harassment. (Proof At This Link)

Celine [Last Name Unknown] (Tumblr URL: QueenPControlsTheUniverse)

Celine is the very first to start this bullshit way back in 2012 before I was ever even involved in Hannibal but she’s been following that long and got involved with the Hannibal fandom. She has been caught trying to give/sell my personal information to Fannibals. She attempted to trick me into giving her 100$ to gamble once, promising me she could turn it into 5000$ in an hour. When I refused because the idea was stupid she revealed herself to be the woman who had been sending me death threats for the past few years. Despite not speaking of her for an entire year she recently still came out of nowhere to harass me, proving once and for all that even if I don’t pay attention to her, she’s always watching me as well as stalking various other celebrities. (Proof At This Link)

Nickie Michaud Wild (Tumblr URL: DocNickie & FuckYeahHannigram)

Nickie Michaud Wild is in her mid 40’s, obese, and very predatory. She seems to be into spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend Hannibal related conventions in Europe every year to visit her “fannibal family”. She also takes very young girls to strip/burlesque shows while also claiming to be “married” to a woman. Which is only weird because she’s been caught on camera reading gay erotica (male gay erotica) to teenage girls at conventions. Not only that but she runs two blogs that are obsessed with a relationship between two fictional males and uses this as an excuse to write essays about me and fling wild accusations towards me with absolutely no proof to anything going on. She also (in the past) has been fond of writing inaccurate essays about me and pretending to be a doctor of something? Her degree is in Gender Studies, she’s a radical feminist, and she has absolutely no clue about psychology. If she did then half of her essays about me would not exist. She’s been at this for nearly 3 years now because….reasons? It all started with an essay about how I should not be allowed to attend conventions because it was “unfair” even though she attended the same convention and I saw her behavior myself (it was disgusting) she denies I was ever at this convention or ever saw her (despite pictures and video of me at the same convention) she’s very delusional and her behavior with young girls in the fandom is questionable in nature.

Original Tweet Can Be Found Here (RevNickie Was Nickie’s Twitter Handle Before Now)

Rotem Rusak (Tumblr URL: The-Winnowing-Wind)

This girl, I honestly didn’t know anything about her until she launched some half-cocked plan to attempt to frame me for trying to get her raped? Maybe? I honestly don’t know what the point of all of that was but she did attempt it, repeatedly, except she also violated Facebook standards when she did it and was deleted for her stupidity. Since I had never even heard of her until that moment I approached her, thinking she was being harassed. Upon explaining to her that she should have Facebook take the page down she immediately blocked me and did nothing about it, laughing about how I was harassing her. Aforementioned Monica Morais then soon made a post about how they were going to frame me to get rid of me once and for all. Which only proved that this weird facebook page was an attempt to get me arrested with absolutely no connection to me or the fact I set it up. Rotem has also been a very active stalker of Hugh Dancy and has no shame when posting about it, and is apparently Nickie Michaud’s Girlfriend? As the post above me details a tweet in which they went out together to a topless show with someone cosplaying as Will Graham as if that makes any sense. (Proof To Rotem’s Behavior Here)

Other Offenders:

Over the years there have been many other offenders. One of whom I reported to police and her ISP and after that, she stopped harassing me. Though she claims she just “got bored” it’s weird how my police reports on her and her ISP got her to stop within 24 hours of each report but she was just as bad as the others. Seemed to not understand what cosplay was and tried to ban me from cosplaying Freddie Lounds as well. Since she’s long since stopped I won’t bother to mention her here.

There, of course, people like Tattle-Crime who I have written extensively about.  She was also predatory to young girls which is possibly why she is so defended by people like Nickie since they are doing the same thing. Another offender, and for years, was a blog with about 80,000 followers who has become the “authority” on Tumblr. She can literally say anything she wants, no matter how ridiculous it is and she will be believed. Her name is Laura Spencer (Blog Name: Idontfindyouthatinteresting) and she’s been well known for sending suicide bait but no one cares, calls her on it, or believes it because all she has to do is say it’s “photoshopped” and people just ignore it.

Carrioncrowned once got upset with me for using the word “Nazi” and sent me a pile of dead bodies from the Holocaust while accusing me of exploiting them. She ignored the entire point of the matter that she was exploiting them by sending out pictures of such a nature.


Image Blurred As It Is Actual Holocaust Victims

It’s as if this cult has zero self-awareness to their own behavior and while scapegoating, harassing, and bullying me, they commit some of the most disgusting and inhuman acts imaginable all while blaming me for their problems. In short, I have left the blog they were all targeting as they all randomly decided I was the one running a hate blog I had nothing to do with and started to attack the shit out of me when I did not interact with them in the first place.


In the past few week, I have written about the danger of fandom cults and how to recognize if you are in one. These four people are all in the same cult, it is known as the “Fannibal Family” and if you come across anyone like this, avoid them. Seriously. As I said, this isn’t all Fannibals or fans of Hannibal but the highest concentration of psychotic hive mentality you will find on tumblr IS this “Family” and they are ruthless. I have become their universal demon for NO REASON and it seems they won’t stop until I’m dead, even if their show has been dead for 2 years and isn’t coming back.


I am aware of what you will already say “Giving attention to your stalkers is only feeding into blah blah blah”

Yeah here’s the thing, I’ve already more than proven that it doesn’t matter how much or how little attention I pay to them they will still do this. There have been YEARS of time where I have said nothing to them and they still keep talking about me, still keep blogging about me, and still harass me. Don’t fucking come here with that bullshit. You don’t realize what level of psycho we are dealing with here. These aren’t internet trolls they are a cult. That’s why I’m warning EVERYONE about them.



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