Paranormal Videos Debunked (Part One)

All over YouTube are paranormal videos, or compilations of them where they will be like “Top 15 Creepiest REAL Unexplained Videos” or some horseshit trying to tell you that all of these videos are totally true. Some people are really possessed and THIS is proof. That ghosts really exist and THIS IS PROOF! Now, with some of these videos, despite trying to research it, there isn’t much logical explanation behind any of them. Being the logical person I am and using Occam’s Razor, I will debunk these videos giving a far more plausible reason for why these events may be occurring and/or what is most likely happening.

Definition of Occam’s razor. : a scientific and philosophical rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities.

In other words: The most simple explanation is usually the correct explanation. Keeping that in mind, lets get started with some of the more popular and “totally real” supernatural videos hanging around.

So this is one that is of an allegedly possessed girl on/in a subway station. Now, even with my love for all things demonic and possessed I still can’t say this one has anything to do with demonic possession. For one, I can’t find too much official about this. Which means that if it’s not a hoax, nothing really came of it. What is more likely? Drugs. What kind of drugs? Well, you name it. Meth, Coke, Crack, PCP, Bath Salts? Any sort of weird combination of these? Maybe an additional mental illness (maybe not). Maybe only a mental illness.

The thing here is that there are many signs that she’s on drugs, especially with the self-mutilation and the screaming, violent fits of rage she has. Since nothing came of this, it means that whoever filmed it was definitely not killed. The footage got out somehow right? Could it be a hoax? Yes that too. Could be entirely faked but if it’s not then it’s gotta be drugs or mental illness. If this did lead to these guys being killed, this would be in police archives as evidence. More than likely they ran away from her, realized how weird the footage was, and threw it on youtube.

And here we have another video of another alleged possession in China. I guess the first thing that really would signify how fake it is, is the fact that it has sound. Though it is possible for CCTV footage to have sound, why? Especially in China. Also, this is too much of a good setup. It could be done with special effects, and it could also be a hoax. There is a more likely chance that it is a hoax then there is some random supermarket in China hooked up with a sound system that good. As much as I would love to see proof of an actual demonic possession, this one is staged. It may even be possible that it’s real footage (a woman having an actual seizure) and someone added effects to it after, but beyond that, there’s no chance of it being legitimate. (Apologies as I couldn’t find the straight video I had to pull it from another channel who used it for something).

Here’s another one. This one isn’t in English but that doesn’t matter much as it’s her behavior and what happens after that is what’s considered paranormal. What I think actually happened (as freaky as it is to look at) is she had a seizure. Perhaps it was her first one ever and she freaked out afterward. Then people will say “What about the demonic screams after”.

Here’s the thing, people are really persuaded by the power of suggestion. Well, there are things called partial seizures partial seizures where people can be fully aware it’s happening. They can even talk while having them. There also have been reports of people screaming while having seizures. As that link shows, people can even move while having them. What is far more likely is that she had some kind of seizure or convulsion and freaked out because of it, or the specific type of seizure did something to her brain/mental state to cause the screaming. Humans can produce pretty hideous noises when terrified or in pain. Or both. Since the title already suggests the woman is possessed then the mind translates the screams to being demonic, which is severely unlikely if you watch how her body and hand clenches. It may be kind of disturbing to watch but I highly doubt this had to do with demons and more had to do with an undiagnosed (or even diagnosed) condition.

This is yet another supposed haunting, except at an office. Once again, you can bet your money that if CCTV has sound it is more than likely fake. This is also filmed in 1080 and some how, magically, is all cut together to catch all the action as it happens. As much as it is clever, it’s too well shot and timed to be anything but a hoax or a fake video. There is no reason to outfit an entire office building with sound like this and make the quality this clear and digitial. A small home residence? Sure, but an entire office building? Why? Because you suspect you might catch a ghost? Seriously? Isn’t it far more likely someone has those chairs on string and the computer effects were added in post? Yes, yes it is. Don’t buy into this Manchester Office Ghost. It’s nothing more than a very well done video. Which brings me to my next ghost video.

Once again, sound. Also, why do they have sound for what is a walkie talkie/radio communication which is perfectly timed with the video, plus they have sound for what’s going on in the hall and…no. Just no. As much as this is really cool and really well done, it’s not real. Those three things right away are a dead giveaway. Also, if you research more into this you can find further proof of it probably being fake.  This is the article I found on it but if you don’t want to read all of that, here’s a small summary:

A man named Kenny Biddle did a very good breakdown of this video on his Facebook page. The video here was uploaded to a guy named Jimmy Nut and it seems that he works in production. There are also similar videos on his channel with similar effects for ghosts. Though he won’t admit to saying he made it, he won’t say he didn’t make it either. It seems more than likely he did make it and for whatever reason won’t admit to it. Just read the article and see what I’m talking about it honestly explains it better than I ever could.

There you have it, some of the most popular and “totally real possession” and or “haunting” videos being passed around right now. Are they disturbing? Yeah, they are. However, are they authentic? All signs point to a big fat NO. I know, I’m not fun, because I am such a skeptic. The thing is, I have seen videos that I cannot produce a logical explanation for and maybe one day, I will post about those too. If I ever did see proof positive of the paranormal I absolutely would not deny it, but the vast majority of youtube videos are not real they are there to get hits, views, money, attention, whatever. Don’t buy into things so easily.

If you like this sort of thing you should also read my article on debunking ghost pictures and how to figure out the authenticity of them yourself.


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