Dance Puppets, Dance

Twenty-two months ago to this very day, Bryan Fuller made a dumb fucking tweet about when the Fannibals could allegedly ask him to bring back Hannibal. Now, as I’ve explained dozens of times, the show was originally canceled due to low ratings. There would be even lower ratings now because there are even fewer fans. However, this didn’t stop them from devotedly tweeting repeatedly to Fuller all day today starting at around midnight. The hashtag? #22MonthsAreOver.

Not only is the hashtag full of mostly the same people, but, they have been going about 14 hours strong now with no word from Fuller other than a tweet he left at 1 am saying “Hello Horses” to a Silence Of The Lambs reference one of the idiots made.

As time went on, the Fannibals decided it would be perfectly fine to attack me, since Fuller is straight up ignoring them. Why is that? Well, because Fuller (as well as anyone with a brain) knows that there will not be a season four. There’s no money in it for him or anyone who might want to air it or produce it. Though I’ve written at length about that (and you can read it here) let’s just summarize in a few bullet points why the show isn’t coming back.

  • The show was the most pirated show basically ever (or one of them) and this was even while it was on network TV. Any streaming service would know this, like the ones you have to pay for? Anyway, this would denote to them that there is little to no profit to be had in paying for production/the rights to stream it.
  • There just aren’t nearly the amount of fans that there needs to be. It may seem like there are a lot because they will literally sit online for 6 hours tweeting to a hashtag over and over to fill it with tweets but they are mostly the same people (and a lot of them have multiple accounts to do this). At most, there are maybe 1000 of them, and that’s at most.
  • A movie is a more likely option, however, once again we run into the pirating problem and the lack of making any sort of return on a movie. Fuller would need a couple million dollars as a budget and seeing as how I’m sure he even knows that 1000 people can’t make that back for him, he’s not dumb enough to invest.
  • Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are busy. End of story. Also, despite what they both say, neither of them seem to be rushing to cancel plans (or rearrange them) in order to come back to Hannibal. A show which Fuller said failed because Mads can’t speak English well enough.
  • Fuller cannot get the rights to Silence of The Lambs so he has nowhere to take the show. The only viable plot he could have is Will and Hannibal in Cuba being gay husbands with each other and this appeals to, well, only 1000 people. It’s definitely not a reason to make a movie, or for anyone to invest in one.

The point is, that I doubt Fuller will make a statement about this and if he does it’s going to be something vague and non-committal like “ask me again in 22 months” or “We are working on it but there’s a lot of problems” something like that. Fuller, at this point, needs to come right out and say that he has no intention of continuing. Which he doesn’t. He’s too focused on ruining Star Trek and American Gods to give much of a toss about Hannibal.

However, just for laughs (or cries), you can check out this hashtag yourself because it really only reinforces my point about the cult mentality of the fans that are left. They obsessed over this one tweet Fuller made for nearly 2 years in order to organize this day. They are obsessed with fictional gay men who aren’t even canonically gay. This is every reason why this show needs to be canceled and Fuller, by all accounts, needs to get hit by a raging runaway semi-truck.


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