Top Ten Scariest Monsters (Of All Time)

To be fair, these are only the top ten scariest monsters to me but I needed a catchier title than that. I don’t think a lot of what scares me scares a lot of other people either? In any case, this list is based solely on monsters. The qualifying factors of which are that they aren’t mortal men (like John Kramer in Saw) there is a supernatural element to them that makes them either impossible to kill, or nearly impossible. I’ll do scariest killers of all time at some point, or not. Mostly because I really am not afraid of someone like John Krahmer, but that’s beside the point. So without further ado (and in no particular order), let’s get started. Also, this list may contain some spoilers for some movies so, be careful.

Number Ten, Gage Creed:

So I know a lot of you people are thinking, “What the fuck how is a little boy scary let alone one of the scariest monsters of all time or even a monster at all? How did he make this list and why are you allowed to have an opinion I don’t like?”. Fair enough, calm down. First of all, Gage was a mortal being until he died, was buried in the pet cemetery, came back, and well that makes him not human anymore even if it’s in a human body. This is the little boy from that movie. Stephen King’s Pet Semetery.

There are several layers of creepy to this thing whether you read only the book or only saw the movie. In fact, the actor who played Gage recounted in an interview that he was so young when he played that part he doesn’t remember any of it. He only knows it from seeing the movie played back to him. That right there should prove to you that some how every 2-year-old has something in them that can be absolutely demonic without even knowing how to bring it up. Gage was definitely possessed by an evil spirit in the cemetery which brought him back to life, no doubt about that.

Even worse is that all the creepy stuff he said wasn’t even overly creepy. Things like, “I want to play with you”. Whatever. Then he actually does kill an old man by slicing up his face and biting his neck. Though he was pretty easily killed because of the limitations of his human body it doesn’t mean he wasn’t scary taking down two full grown adults like that.

Number Nine, Freddy Kreuger: 

Alright, so this one is hard to explain, for me. Mostly because he’s also my favorite horror movie monster or villain of all time. Whatever you want to call him. Freddy is awesome, wisecracking, and obviously perverted (according to what the first movie lays out about his character). Why is he also scary then? I can’t say I have ever been truly afraid of Freddy specifically coming to get me. However, the idea of a monster that can kill you in your dreams is horrific enough.

Possibly it’s because I already suffer from nightmares (and very rarely night terrors) and because of this I have always had the underlying irrational fear that a dream could kill me. There is potential in reality that a dream could be bad enough to stop your heart, but you’d also have to have a weak ass heart. Still, it has happened. The point is, that there is pretty much no way to defeat him. You have to go to sleep at some point and if you suck at fighting in a dream world that he entirely controls, you’re screwed. Most people do not know how to lucid dream so that really would mess you up as well.

It was established through a few movies if you knew how to take control of your dreams (and that this was what was happening) you had a chance to defeat him. The realistic problem was learning to lucid dream and also figuring out that he could potentially kill you in the dream (and you could even fight back) before he ended up killing you. This is what makes him so scary. Oh, and by the way, we are talking about the Robert Englund version and not the crappy reboot version. Sure he was creepy but he seriously took away some of the campy goodness that was the original performance.

Number Eight The Ruins Vines:

At this point, I probably already lost a lot of support. I went from a 2-year-old to a pretty awesome slasher flick villain to a straight up plant. The thing is, those vines are terrifying. You know, if you happen to be in the one area of the planet on the one pyramid they grow on. According to the book and movie canon, here are a few things these vines can do to you if you are trapped amongst them for a prolonged period of time:

  • Mimic talking/sounds
  • Produce the smell of food
  • Strangle and eat you
  • Get spores into your body and grow

Now, even though these things are in one small place in one small area, the potential for them spreading is huge. Even the end of the movie they show Amy getting away but she has the vines growing in her regardless. This means that, according to the movie, wherever she dies the vines are just going to spread with the implication that they eventually take over the entire world and eat everyone. The book ending is different. Whatever. The point is that these vines are sentient and can mimic human speaking and common sounds. They can bait humans trapped around them by smelling like food. These fuckers will fuck your shit up and grow inside of you if you spend even 5 seconds near them because all they need is one tiny little spore on your skin. These fucking things creep me the hell out.

Number Seven Xenomorphs:

Not sure if this is more sci-fi than horror but I always thought of those movies as more of a combination of the two? I think most people do as well. Having seen all the movies, only two of which were really good, I think it’s safe to say that these things are scary as fuck. Even in the game, in which you spend most of your time running away from them cause you can’t fucking fight them, they are terrifying. The acid spit, the claws, the face eating. No thank you.

Of course, here I will include the face-huggers which, well I didn’t want to devote an entire other segment to because they are the same idea as a xenomorph even if they are not exactly the same thing. Both of those things make me want to nope right the fuck out. Thank God for Ripley, am I right? When are they going to make good characters like her again?

Number Six The Thing:

Is there a better name to call it than “the thing” and people pretty much know what I’m talking about when I say The Thing right? I don’t mean THING from The Addam’s family either. You know, the little pet hand that runs around and is kinda helpful. I’m talking about the sci-fi movie The Thing. The one that can take on any shape or form of anything around it and trick people into think they are human until it wants to kill. That thing. If you haven’t seen any of the movies, I highly recommend them. Not sure I need to go more into depth as to why a creature that can mimic other humans perfectly but only wants to eat you is terrifying as hell so let’s just move on.

Number Five Pennywise The Clown:

Do I even need to explain this choice? Maybe I do. For the people who somehow are reading this and don’t know what he is or who he is, I’ll do my best. A long while back Stephen King wrote a book called IT. The book details the adventures of some kids back in the 50s who ran into a monster that was killing and eating kids. The monster was basically this creepy ass clown thing named Pennywise, but he could take on the shape of whatever your worst fear was. The reason being that meat tastes better when the animal/person is terrified. Unless you ask Hannibal Lecter in season 2 of Hannibal about it making the meat actually tougher to chew but that’s a completely different story and also a bad one.

Pennywise is iconic in the way that it gave birth to the entire evil clown genre that everyone is terrified of and it was portrayed by someone equally iconic, Tim Curry. Even if people haven’t seen the movies or don’t tend to know the story, most people recognize that clown and his face. Ultimately, It was actually a spider that is also a representation of pure evil and blah blah blah but I don’t like that ending I think it’s stupid and it sucks and spiders aren’t exactly terrifying to me (even if I know they are to many other people) so let’s move on.

Number Four The Blair Witch:

Now I’m pretty sure people have rage quit. How could I possibly find the Blair Witch scary? The one thing you never see in the most famous movie that made it famous. How is that scary? Once again I just ask you to hear me out and consider what I have to say. If you don’t agree that’s perfectly fine.

For one, in the 2016 version, you kind of almost maybe see her. Except, according to a lot of fan theory it’s probably not her, it’s probably Heather (as in the girl who got lost in the woods in the first movie?) it’s open to interpretation I suppose. If that is the witch she’s fucking creepy and if it’s not and that’s ultimately what she turned Heather into that’s also creepy.

Even if we discount that and only look at the first movie and nothing else, she’s still pretty terrifying. Mostly because of that fact that you never see her. The human mind can conjure up some pretty fucked up shit when it wants to. If you have a great imagination and one that is definitely prone to thinking of the worst thing possible at all times, it’s not hard to imagine this witch, woman, demon, or whatever as being terrifying.

It has far less to do with how she might look and more to do with the powers she displayed in the first movie. The most terrifying being the way she was able to trap Heather, Mike, and Josh in the woods completely turning them in a circle over and over. This eventually led them to the house in which they died and the footage was found. Fan theories even speculate that she can mess with time and space. She can cause people to jump into other dimensions and even different years without them knowing it. She also doesn’t just murder them, she fucks with them first. For days. If she has the power to change the forest and fuck with time, it’s obvious she could just kill her victims but no, she needs them to be starving and panicked first. Regardless of what she may or may not really look like this thing is evil as holy hell and I wouldn’t want to fuck with that.

Number Three Pinhead and The Cenobites:

I defy you to tell me what the fuck is not scary about these things! As much as they are super awesome looking and an amazing idea behind fucked up bondage demons from hell they are still scary. If you mess with this fucker’s puzzle box enough he comes and gets you and tortures you FOREVER. Also, his friends help. That’s it. Game over. Even if you solve the box accidentally, he doesn’t give a shit. You are going to hell with him unless you find someone to replace yourself. I mean seriously, the idea of eternal torture to that level is bad enough but then you have to look at him and his friends forever? Do I need to get any more in depth with this because I don’t think I do.

Number Two Kayako:

Most people don’t even know that this is her name because most people have seen the American Grudge which is a pile of trash compared to the Japanese one. If you haven’t seen the Japnese original you go out and see it, right now, then come back. It’s vastly superior, creepier, and far better than anything dumbed down for American audiences that they needed to put Sarah Michelle Gellar in.

Kayako is a cursed soul and she pretty much haunts this house where she was murdered. She was so enraged/bitter from her murder (and the murder of her child) that she was basically like “fuck anyone else who comes in this house I’m going to fuck up their shit”. Well, that’s the basic premise summed up in a few words. The scariest thing about her is you can’t escape her either. You can’t just leave the house and hope for the best. She’ll show up somewhere and murder the fuck out of you.

This imagery was far better portrayed in the Japanese version which makes her far more terrifying to me. Though they are basically the same between the movies, I think that, of course, the original did a much better job of telling the story. There is only one Japanese horror movie remake I think that does the original justice and it certainly isn’t this one.

Number One Samara Morgan/Sadako Yamamura:

I’m sure you could have seen this one coming judging by the last one, right? Well, I hope so. It’s why both Samara and Sadako are listed together. It’s kind of cheating but they are ultimately both the same character unless you look at the book where there is a lot more backstory and fucked up shit about Sadako. The Ring (American) premiered here on October 18th, 2002. It’s really sad that I just know that off of the top of my head but I do because I am a super huge fangirl nerd for this entire story. Which includes the books. Yes, books as in plural and you should go read them.

In any case, the basic idea is of a child (or young woman) who was murdered. Except, there was something already wrong with her, to a degree. In the American version, she drove the horses insane and made them jump off cliffs and did the same shit to her mother until she killed her. In the book she showed psychic abilities as well but ultimately was:


Raped and killed by a patient at a small pox sanitorium in like the 50s or something. Either way in all incarnations of this character she ends up down a well but not dying. There she projects images into a lead well cap which eventually get onto a VHS tape and if you watch it you die. Through all incarnations of the story, it’s never really clear what you see before you die. Though the book pretty much explains the death as a small pox boil bursting in your brain and causing an aneurysm, it is still described as a pretty terrifying death and one where you go a bit insane.

The thing about this character is she doesn’t want to be found or helped, she wants you to suffer and die or spread her disease. If you read the books it becomes more clear as to why this is the case and what is going on but I won’t get into that here. The idea that the movies show is that she projects images into your brain that is so terrifying that they kill you. I never want to know what that’s like and even attempting to imagine seeing something so scary it might kill me sends me into a panic attack. That’s why Samara/Sadako made this list.

There you have it, my top ten scariest movie monsters of all time list. If you haven’t seen these movies go see them! If you feel that I missed something that you find creepy I’d love to hear it! It may not scare me but I am vastly interested in what scares other people. It all comes down to personal experience and opinion anyway, right?


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