FannibalFest Scam Report Update

I have mentioned before that this Hannibal Only convention called Fannibal Fest is a complete and total scam, or it looks like one. Either that, or it’s totally run by a bunch of incompetent morons. Could be both, honestly. Since I last posted that, and it was a few months ago, there have been a lot of updates and I wanted to share them. It seems like far more of a scam now than it did back then, mostly due to pricing and things like that. First and foremost to even have any sort of fun at this place or do the most fun things you will have to spend a minimum of around $500 dollars and this doesn’t include travel. Let’s get started with some of the updates.

Additional Guests:

Since the first time I wrote about this, they have added a few more guests to their roster. Ellen Muth (who was literally in like 2 episodes just like Demore Barnes was) and Vladimir Cubrt. He plays Garret Jacob Hobbs and was in a few more episodes but over all not a star of the show. Not by a long shot. Ellen Muth had to leave a convention known as Red Dragon Con early because no one there was even interested in her. There were far more fans in attendance at that one as well. This one, at most, can only have 500 people in attendance but best estimates as to who is currently attending set the ticket sales at a couple hundred people at most. Even if they did manage to sell all 500 tickets (which is doubtful considering their payment plan switches and I’ll get to that in a moment) they still wouldn’t have enough money to afford the 6 guests they are promoting right now.

Committee Member Drop Out:

According to their own website and the documents they used to file for 501c3 status, there are four official directors. Or were. Now there are only 3 of them. Someone named Ann-Marie either quit or was fired. Now the website only lists 3 official directors while the papers on public record list 4. Betsy Craig, who seems to be the actual president of this was also caught advocating cyber bullying and harassment. The reason this is notable is because of her “anti-harassment” guarantee for her convention. Seems like if the president is totally okay with and cheering on bullying, she wouldn’t be too good with preventing actual harassment at a convention. Keep in mind this is also a woman in her 40s or 50s so this just makes it all the sadder.

Additional Activity Prices Announced:

For a very long time, they had teased a bus tour (where you could see all the filming locations) and a dinner with Janice Poon. If you didn’t know, Janice was the woman who made all of the food for the show. Dinner with Janice is minimum $130 dollars and it’s 30 dollars more than that if you also want wine served with your dinner. You also can’t just attend the dinner you have to have a pass for that specific day as well to get into the convention. At a minimum to do just the dinner you have to spend nearly $200 dollars, more if you want to have wine with the dinner.

The bus tour was announced for two different days, Thursday and Monday. This adds an extra day to the convention that wasn’t there before. Monday. This was already going to be a 4-day convention which was a bad idea but now they’ve essentially made it five. The tour days are split into two parts. Each day will not have all the same locations so you can purchase a ticket for one or the other day or “save money” and purchase tickets for both days. This means an extra night at a hotel for basically everyone if they decide to do Monday’s tour since the convention was supposed to only be Thursday-Sunday initially. The ticket for both tour days costs a total of $125 dollars.

Very Bland Itinerary:

The itinerary for each day or tentative schedule is basically empty. Other than the 4 or so “Fan run panels” that sound about as exciting as watching paint dry, there are the photo-ops, autographs, and the guest panels where they will be answering questions. It is not yet clear which guests will be what day but the website seems to imply that all guests will be there all days. This means 3 straight days of the same boring ass QnA Panels with the same people. Since they keep changing things at random this may not end up being the case but it’s hard to tell right now. The meat of this entire convention seems to be that and there’s basically nothing else going on.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.18.44 PM

The bus tour is apparently at 7pm after Volunteer Orientation. Not sure how many volunteers they are going to get. This changes what was initially said about the bus tour which was supposed to be happening on Thursday and not Friday? This is it for Wednesday which pretty much extends their convention to 6 days instead of 4. Didn’t notice this until now, sorry.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.18.57 PM

Now there seems to be some difference between Gold members and Pickering/Whitevale ticket holders. I’ll be explaining that in a moment. Anyway, the bus tour appears to take up most of the day starting at 7 am. Oh joy, and this is only the first one! There is a special stag artist dinner which is only for “Gold and Full Members” which I think are the people gullible enough to have bought tickets before they offered day passes (more on that later as well). Then they have a screening and discussion for the series finale but only for Gold and Full Members. If you bought a day pass, sucks to be you.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.19.20 PM

Friday is the only day where there’s actually going to be guests I suppose. It opens at 7 am then an hour later there are panels but don’t expect to attend those unless you also bought an over priced weekend pass, sorry day ticket holders you don’t get to go to the boring fan run panels of boring. Seriously look at these panels they do not look the least bit fun for anyone, and one of them is run by a sociology major who literally knows nothing about Hannibal academically other than how obsessed she is with it. Trust me.

After that you get a food tasting with Janice but once again only Gold/Full members so if you wanted a day pass for this you are shit out of luck you can’t do that either and by the way, you cannot purchase membership anymore. That’s it. You missed your chance. Sucks to be you, but if you asked me, you dodged a bullet on that one. Then there is the vendor’s hall which opens and I imagine that’ll have about 5 actual people in it. After that, the day pass people are allowed in. Another creative worship, a prop exhibit (not even sure how they are going to pull that one off) Cast photo ops and Autographs for the gold members. BREAK. Cast photo ops and Autographs for day pass holders, then the panels. Then a boring fan led panel led by not very qualified people in “academia” that OH JOY THE DAY PASS HOLDERS can attend. Then a fan fiction panel which I’d guess is mostly about Hannibal and Will having a ton of sex, led by 4 special authors who got the ever exclusive rights to an account on AO3 and dinner with Janice. Ticket holders only.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.19.29 PM

Friday is much of the same with the repetition of panels, autographs, and whatever. Then there’s a book signing from Janice. Break. Cast Meet and Greet that you can only attend if you bought the GOLD or FULL membership (they mean weekend passes that were also over priced) then a cosplay contest and dance party. That should be fun with like what? 50 people in attendance at most?

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.19.39 PM

Sunday has even less activities, the majority of which seems to be based around the cast being there. They never mention who so I’m still assuming it’ll be all 6 of them there for a mind numbing three days of the same crap with very few other people coming around. Since a lot of this stuff is very limited to GOLD/FULL member holders I can’t see how this will be fun for the people forced to stay the entire weekend. Also there are no panels this day at all, at least not fan led panels. Then some sort of closing ceremony and the bus tour (number 2) at 5 pm.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.19.47 PM

Monday is the second bus tour? Except there were other ones? Hell, I’m so confused right now I don’t know what the fuck is going on from their alleged schedule if anyone else can figure this shit out please let me know because like I said, I don’t think they even fucking know what’s going on. Okay so now you see the major fuckarow that is their scheduling, let’s move on.

Gold and Full Memberships:

There was a time, right when tickets first went on sale, that FannibalFest said there was NO POSSIBLE WAY they could offer day/weekend passes or whatever. That you HAD to buy one of their tickets/memberships for the entire weekend or well, four days. Keep this in mind:

They are legally registered as a charity under a 501c3 so their ticket purchasing they call MEMBERSHIP PURCHASING which is a loophole so they don’t get fucking sued (which they probably will anyway when this all goes to shit)

Okay, so after they realized that almost no one wanted to spend a minimum of $160 to go to this crap fest which at the time HAD NO SCHEDULE OR EVEN ANY GUESTS BEYOND JANICE POON they realized, crap, we have to get our money somehow cause we can’t afford half the shit we are promising. Enter the PAYMENT PLANS. Except that was really REALLY short lived I swear it was only offered for like a month right?

After that, they finally caved and did this whole Day or 2-day pass thing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.38.33 PM

Keep in mind you absolutely cannot buy any other sort of pass at this point, so all those GOLD/FULL member things you see? Well, say bye bye to that because you didn’t give them the money when they first opened. This limits anything you can do on any given day and pretty much makes the convention more crappy than I thought it would be. The pages where you could purchase the FULL/Gold tickets are no longer accessible from their main site but they were archived and I still have links to them, so this was a thing that happened at some point.

Besty Craig And Cyber Harassment:

Other than literally blaming almost all her failures on my for exposing all of this, Betsy is friends with one of the men/women (not sure what the gender) who has repeatedly stalked, doxed, and harassed me for 2-3 years now. She was caught making fun of me and consorting with this person on twitter advocating my harassment. I brought it up before but there’s the proof which makes any idea of her preventing anyone’s harassment laughable. I doubt she cares that much and/or if she already has a personal vendetta against you or someone, you can forfeit any actual protection from this group before you step through the door.

Budget Projections For Guests (as of Now):


So let’s add this all up then, shall we?

  • Hotel x5 nights (if you stay at their hotel with their discount) is $545 dollars.
  • Ticket (minimum) $160 if you already paid in advance
  • Dinner with Janice (minimum) $130
  • Bus Tour (Minimum and only HALF of the tour locations are subject to change): $55 Dollars
  • Photo Ops: Not announced
  • Autographs: Not Announced
  • Total for Apertif Ticket Holders: $835
  • Total For Saveroux Ticket Holders: $1055
  • Total for Nakama Ticket Holders: $1380

If you were lucky enough to be someone who waited for a day pass option then you are luckier. However, if you want to do the lunch with Janice but also the bus tour at minimum you will spend: $320

This still doesn’t include Photo Ops or Autographs.

Is it really worth it? Seriously? Especially when you still don’t know what is on the dinner menu or where all the tour locations are? Or even if you will be allowed to get out, take pictures, and poke around someone’s house/cabin or private property? A bus tour to take pictures at random places is worth over 100 dollars to you people? Why?

I still fail to see how anyone thinks this is going to succeed or actually work. It sounds all great in theory but need I remind you of the promises Dashcon made and how too good to be true that was? Well, this has even less funding and attention going to it. I’d consider a refund about now if I had purchased a ticket.


As of now, people have contacted me with concerns and all I can do is urge them to get money refunded. Some people have willingly admitted to already spending thousands on this convention to come in from overseas. People who have worked with/for Betsy and this “corporation” who wish to stay anonymous have confirmed that most of my suspicions on these matters are true. The fannibals keep trying to justify why this will work out (and how) but the closer to the convention we get, the more obvious it is that they don’t have their shit together like they want people to believe. Other than their piss poor customer service and a committee member literally leaving for one reason or another, I would say these are massive signs that this is a disaster waiting to happen. I will be keeping tabs on them until the convention and after when I officially file the 990 forms to make sure they are investigated to the fullest extent.

Despite popular opinion, I am not doing this just to be a “hater” I am doing this because this is just a straight up bad idea. People will lose money on this and be very upset, namely the actual guests who have promised to attend. If they are even going to get paid anything that remains to be seen. A good Hannibal only convention is a good idea, this is a poorly run one with a 40 or 50-year-old woman in charge who also has the mental capacity of a child. This will not turn out well and if you have invested any money in this at all I advise you to pull out now.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.03.36 PM 

For all information and more scam details please visit us at we will take questions there as well, and unlike we will answer them anonymously.


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