Feast (Review)

Feast is one of my favorite horror movies. Though it also may be a mix of science fiction and it’s definitely got a lot of dark humor involved. Since it is one of my favorites I am going to go out of my way to avoid spoilers as much as possible, as I actually want people to go see it.

The movie is about a bunch of misfits in a very isolated bar in the middle of a desert. Each character is pretty run down or has some sort of life horror story. They go through introductions at the beginning of the movie for each person but none of the characters ever say any of the other characters names in the run of the movie. I like this because it’s clear they all know each other so there’s no real need to say names. It’s like if you are hanging out with a group of friends, how often do you use their names and how often do you just address them?

The movie pokes fun at typical horror movie cliches (will they kill a little kid? Will they kill the guy in the wheelchair?) things like that. This bar in the middle of nowhere is suddenly attacked by some weird creatures. The creatures appear to be wearing fur, skins, and skulls of other desert animals. You don’t really get to see what they look like, ever, other than those costumes. At the end, one of them is killed in a pretty awful way so you get a glimpse of what it’s supposed to look like, at least.

The action starts with a woman racing into the bar being chased by these things. She wants to find help for her daughter and is begging anyone there to help her, telling them that they have to fight. Of course, at first, no one believes her until her husband arrives and *Small spoilers* immediately dies in a pretty hilarious way. The gore is over the top but I believe that is the point of this movie.

The dialogue flows naturally, and a lot of realistic things happen in this movie despite them hitting the usual character tropes on purpose. There are a few unexpected cameos like Jason Mewes and Henry Rollins. You get to see some decent transformation in the characters over the course of the night as they go from normal, boring lives, to realizing they are going to have to fight all of these monsters in order to survive until the morning. It’s well acted and decently produced for something that is B-Horror at best and definitely an indie movie. This is a cult classic and went on to inspire two sequels, both of which are horrible and I would not recommend.

Feast, I find, is generally overlooked because it isn’t an entirely serious horror movie, but it’s definitely good and I would highly recommend it.


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