About Me

Originally meant to just be a gaming blog, the idea evolved into more of a horror blog. Mostly horror movie reviews and commentary. Some original fictional content. Sometimes horror games. Games include (but are not limited to):

  • The Evil within
  • Outlast
  • Outlast: Whistleblower
  • Resident Evil Franchise

The movies I review are various but I mostly focus on really awful ones┬áso I can rant about how awful they are. Also, so others can avoid seeing really bad horror and stick to good stuff. Way too many people these days don’t know what good horror is, I am here to point the way and offer my opinion as to what’s good and bad. Sadly, it’s not much.

Additionally, I will be providing originally writing and content in the form of various horror stories. Starting with Phoenix Risen, which is based on a real person that I had a short relationship with years ago. It explores writing a story from the point of view of a psychotic woman. Or, whatever is wrong with her. All I know is that she was completely insane and now I will explore through fiction, her thought process and give her a more conclusive ending than the one I have.

I will express distaste for the Hannibal Fandom (Fannibals) and the majority of the show. Though I think season one was a masterpiece, everything beyond that is absolute shit. You can see my review of the first season here. It’s advised you don’t go further than that.

Horror is a great love of mine and a lifelong hobby. Here I will share my knowledge and have a bit of fun with it. To find my other works feel free to check out my main website MissMisanthropist.com or to read more about the TRUE horrors of the Hannibal fandom head over to my fandom website TattleCrime.org where you can find pictures, chat transcripts, and proof of all that insanity. Sit back and enjoy as much as you can. Especially if you like bad horror movies or being terrified.

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